3 Luxuries That Only CEOs Can Enjoy

CEOs are known to earn $12 million per year on average – multiple times higher than normal employees. These professionals help run a business’s operations, and they often receive hefty bonuses and perks that regular employees don’t receive.

Base salary is often not the reason that CEOs take on such a demanding position.

These professionals enjoy a lot of perks, some which others can only dream of receiving. A few of the luxuries that CEOs enjoy that their employee counterparts often do not are:

1. $25,000 Executive Getaways

The average vacation costs $1,145 per person. Families can spend just under $5,000 per year on vacation. But CEOs are going on $25,000“executive getaways,” trying to de-stress. Even better, many companies are paying for these getaways.

Companies want their most important assets, often their senior executives and CEOs, to be healthy.

These facilities offer:

  • Boot camps
  • Fitness classes
  • Spas
  • Tests for disease and cancer
  • Nutritional consultations

And some of these ultra-expensive getaways are just four days long, so that’s $6,250 per day to de-stress.

2. Transportation Services for the Rich

A CEO’s time is worth a lot of money, so companies are willing to offer private jets or even helicopters to these special employees. Some companies use executive coach builders for limos, or even make armored vehicles to keep these employees safe.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was forced by Apple to use a private jet.

Making matters worse, Cook is forced to use the private jet even during leisure. He has been banned by the company from flying commercially because it’s too much of a security measure. But a lot of companies have stopped splurging on private jets to make shareholders happier and trim back on costs.

Apple, however, is filled with cash, so the company doesn’t mind shelling out the money to keep him safe.

The expense isn’t that much: $93,109 in the first year, with an additional $224,216 on private security for Cook.

3. Special Viewings and Openings

When you’re a high-profile person, some things are open to you that are not open to anyone else. One example of this would be celebrities in the mall. Some celebrities will have the mall open just for them.

Certain high-end stores will open so that the person can go and make purchases without fans rushing up to them.

There have also been stories of these rich and famous individuals having clothing designers and sellers come directly to them. The companies are more than willing to bring the CEOs of the world special items before the rest of the world gets to see them.

Forget about shopping online, some of these big spenders will have items brought to their homes to see if they want to purchase them or not.

Being a CEO takes a special talent, a lot of industry experience and the ability to help keep a company running smoothly. The CEOs of the world that have the real ability to turn a billion-dollar company around earn these perks because they make their employers a lot of money.