3 Incredibly Subtle Things That Cost You Sales Leads

Does there appear to be a hole in your sales funnel? Are you seeing fewer leads, or a lower quality of leads?

It’s a big problem, so you’re probably looking at big picture answers, such as rethinking your entire sales process or making a move at the management level. However, it’s entirely possible that the problem is much smaller and far more subtle.

Before you make a major change, ask yourself if your team is being held back by one of these subtle issues.

1. Tunnel Vision

Sometimes you get hyper-focused on your own company and lose perspective.

It could be massively beneficial to bring in an outside company that specializes in finding the small little issues that can add up to a big problem for your sales team. Bringing in a company like 360 leads can help you increase productivity and close more leads with a sales effectiveness training program.

This can show you how to get more out of the staff and resources you already have, without having to make massive changes.

2. The ‘Submit’ Button

When your prospects are filling out a form, what’s the last thing you ask them to do?

After they have given you their name and their email address, is the final step to click the ‘Submit’ button? You should change that.

The microcopy on your lead forms can make a macro difference and one word can cost you everything. For example, there is the case of the 300 million dollar button.

The word ‘Submit’ doesn’t perform well and you can do much better. Consider something more active and something that conveys the benefit of what you’re lead is getting. Perhaps something like:

  • Start My Free Trial

  • Book My Appointment

  • Download My E-Book

This tiny change can help your lead forms start producing actual leads.

3. Connecting With the Person and Not the Company

You want your sales team to make a personal connection with your sales prospects. However, you want to make sure that your staff isn’t over-connecting with less-than-qualified leads.

It’s very possible for your salesperson and their decision-maker to hit it off, even when there’s not a good fit between the two companies. This is the kiss of death in the world of B2B sales.

When this happens, your sales staffer spends time and money wooing the lead or taking them out to lunch… only to be left wondering what happened when the deal eventually falls through.

As a salesperson, it’s easy to be blinded by the stellar rapport that you’ve built with your contact. This rapport could even cause you to miss an obvious sign that you’re not actually the best solution to fix their company’s pain points.

Of course, these are only 3 of about 10,000 or so small things that could be costing your company sales leads. However, tunnel vision, microcopy issues, and unqualified leads are easily the biggest ‘little’ problems that any given sales team could face today.

Making some very small changes can make a very big difference!