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10 Tips for improving home energy

In a previous article, we discussed what to look for when choosing an apartment or home. Many people asked how to clear the energy out from previous occupants in order to reset energy and allow positive chi, as well as other opportunities, to enter into your life and space.

The following are 10 simple techniques and tips that can be used to make a shift in energy as well as create an environment that encourages love, improves wealth, and nurtures health.

1. Space Cleansing:

Every time I finish an on-site consultation for Feng Shui, I address the space’s energetic cleansing using the Chen Pi Purification method for Space Cleansing, and that is similar to practicing smudging using sage that is used by Native Americans but is even more effective a majority of the time.

The purification is conducted using both dried aged tangerine skin and fresh orange peel, called Chen Pi, that is available in both Chinese food and medicine stores. This method creates a significant improvement in your space’s energy.

Water is a great way to bring positive energy indoors, and make sure you get information on indoor water features.

2. Life Energy:

One of the most effective and cheapest ways to turn a space into your home is to add life energy through using fruit, fresh flowers, and real plants. Look at higher-end home magazines and catalogs. In every photo, you notice they have on those three types of items.

3. Pets:

If you have pets that can increase the chi of a space or home. Their energy, sound, and movement can circulate a space’s chi and facilitate the movement of stuck or stagnant energy.

4. Lights:

The simple practice of adding light into space can not only help the space’s feeling but the way that you experience the space as well. Consider putting certain lights on a timer that will welcome you when you get home and when you walk in your door at night and see how that feels to you. That can be displayed on your home’s exterior as well to increase the chi energy.

5. Feng Shui Consultant:

Hiring a professional consultant is one method you can use in order to help shift the space’s energy where they can concentrate on and make adjustments to mundane aspects like addressing all of the visible factors while also reviewing and making corrections to space’s invisible aspects. After visiting a space, many times people report feeling a difference right away in describing it feels lighter while experiencing new opportunities and higher energy levels.

6. Spiritual / Religious Masters:

Based on what your religion is, you can incorporate your faith’s leaders to visit your space and bless or analyze the space. In difficult cases or severe situations, some people will hire Tibetan lamas in order to conduct blessing methods or chant in the space for several hours.

7. Blessing Methods:

Spiritual masters and religious leaders can provide several different blessing methods that can shift a home’s energy. For the person, the simple practice of filling up a bowl with orange peels and water, stating your intention and walk throughout your space while you are sprinkling water can offer a Home warming blessing method for your space.

8. Colors:

Changing a space’s color can change how you experience your space. I have seen a number of examples where just changing the color of adding a fresh coat of paint makes a positive impact on the space as well as those occupying the space and also the neighborhood or exterior area surrounding the space.

9. Friends:

Do you want to get things moving and circulate the chi? Have your friends over for dinner and enjoy lots of laughter and fun. That can introduce positive energy into your space and also liven the energy as well.

10. Positive Noises and Music:

You can use sound quite often in order to disrupt chi that is stagnant. It can be done by ringing some space clearing bells, Tibetan singing bowls, playing a musical instrument, or just clapping your hands.

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