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10 Facts you didn’t know about a memory bed

We all know memory foam beds are comfy and cozy, but there’s more to them than it meets the eye. At a closer look, these mattresses are quite interesting and it helps to learn a bit more about them, especially when you’re looking for a new bed.

For this, we put together a list of top 10 facts you should know about memory foam mattresses before you actually buy one.

#1: Memory Foam is a Synthetic Material

Unlike latex foam mattresses, memory foam is a material entirely designed by humans. The material that sits at the base of your mattress is called viscoelastic and was initially designed to make the life of NASA pilots better. The idea was to create a cushion material for the seats that will absorb the impact of a harsh lading and will make sitting down for hours more bearable.

#2: The Chemicals are Harmless

Memory foam is used in all sorts of mattresses for both adults and children, but you can also find it in surfaces designed for toddlers and babies. Because this is a synthetic material, many parents fear the chemicals used in production may harm the baby.

The truth is that no toxic chemicals are used and the ones used are harmless for the human body. Still, a child can have an allergic reaction to some of the compounds (just like they can develop a reaction to latex).

#3: The Smell Goes Away

Memory foam has a very characteristic chemical smell when you first unwrap the mattress. This is because of the production and storage process, but it starts fading in about half an hour and completely goes away in a few hours.

#4: Memory Foam Sleeps Hot

One important aspect for people who never slept on a memory foam mattress before: it gets hot during the night. Because of its dense structure, the heat it absorbs from your body doesn’t dissipate right away. This can be quite nice during winter, but it can be really annoying during summer (if you live in an area with hot summers).

To prevent this from happening, producers started adding cooling agents such as small gel beads that open the structure, allowing the heat to circulate.

#5: It’s Best for Side Sleepers

If you browse the top reviews of memory foam mattress, you’ll learn that this type of bed is best recommended for people who like sleeping on their side. This happens because the foam accommodates your hips and shoulders area and keeps the spine aligned.

#6: Density Matters

Density is one of the features that make the difference between a high-quality memory foam mattress and a cheap one. Mattresses with high density (5lb+) are more responsive and provide users with better support. Not to mention, they are more durable than their low-quality siblings and will make you feel better.

#7: It Can Be Rolled Into a Box

Have you ever heard of the Bed in a Box concept? It’s quite popular in the US and it’s exactly as it sounds. Your mattress will be delivered in a rectangular box that you can lift by yourself and move around the house as you want.

The mattress will start expanding the moment you get it out of the box and it will reach full size in several minutes.

#8: Responsiveness is a Thing

Besides density, a memory foam mattress also features responsiveness. This is measured in the amount of time it takes the mattress to return to its original shape once the pressure is removed.

#9: Thickness is Important

If you think about buying this type of mattress, you should know that thickness decides if the mattress will be softer or harder. For instance, a 6-inch thick mattress won’t be as soft as a 14-inch one. The level of support will be the same, though.

#10: There are Multiple Layers of Foam

A mattress is not designed with just one big piece of foam; there are several layers starting from the core to the edges in order to create the perfect support and comfort. The core is also known as the support layer as this is the one responsible for your back support. The rest of the layers are added for comfort.



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