Wisconsin: Republican party organizers attempt to prevent citizens from voting

Republican Party organizers under the umbrella of the Romney-Ryan campaign in Wisconsin have been caught holding training sessions for poll watchers that instruct them to enforce laws that don’t exist to prevent people from voting.

Wisconsin is once again a swing state in the presidential election and the fact that the candidates have been here several times over the past few weeks says that they think so too.

President Barack Obama could have spent the weekend here, appearing in Milwaukee on Saturday with Katy Perry and Madison on Monday with Bruce Springsteen.

Republicans, however, are once again ramping up their efforts to slow and even deny minorities and the usually disenfranchised from voting—part of those 47 percent Romney admittedly doesn’t care about.

Let the people vote.

They tried after GOP Gov. Scott Walker was elected last year in passing the nation’s most restrictive voter photo ID bill to date. Courts threw out that law and the Badger State is once again allowed to let anybody come to the polls to exercise their franchise with forms of ID that don’t require photos.

Knowing that these folks don’t exercise that franchise too much, the GOP figures creating inconvenience will stop them. It tends to be the Republican strategy to prevent people from voting. Democratic organizers tend to rely on registering voters and then getting them to the polls. For years here cries of voter fraud have been emanating from conservative talk radio and other GOP pronouncers that have yet to be realized in numbers that really matter. Just two people were convicted in Wisconsin after illegally voting in the 2008 presidential election.

Recent GOP poll observer “training” sessions feature a 20-page manual that put several falsehoods to the trained, as well as making sure to advise the Republican poll workers that they should not mention their party affiliation when signing up to witness.

Some of the falsehoods they were training the watchers to relay to potential voters:

  • That convicted felons cannot vote. In Wisconsin, once felons have completed their sentence, they are allowed to vote.
  • That the chief election officer at the polling site has to verify the address of a voter. That is not the case.
  • That poll observers cannot help voters with instructions. State law says that voters can ask anyone for help as long as there is no electioneering on the part of the advisor.

The Website, Think Progress, found that at least 17 training sessions were held in Wisconsin since the end of September. The Romney campaign at the end of October stopped publicly posting training locations and sites.

The sessions also urged GOP poll watchers to register as “concerned citizens” and not as GOP operatives.

The state Obama campaign has brought the matter to the attention of the state elections board and the state attorney general’s office for future action.

“We’re confident that the combined resources of our voter protection operation and [state elections board] work with law enforcement will lead to minimal problems,” Wisconsin Obama for America’s communications director Joe Zepecki said Monday.  “Our guiding principle when it comes to Election Day and voter protection is simple: every eligible citizen who would like to cast a ballot should have that opportunity to make their voice heard.”

A compilation put out by Huffington Post of 70 polls as of Monday has Obama leading in Wisconsin 50.2 percent -45.9 percent. Only one poll since the first of the year had Romney ahead in Wisconsin, one taken right after the GOP convention in August. That showed him up by a point, 48 percent -47 percent.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin: Republican party organizers attempt to prevent citizens from voting

  • November 7, 2012 at 7:06 PM

    Dear Doug,

    I know that you penned an article about
    the Republican strategy regarding poll workers in Wisconsin. I
    experienced such a worker this morning at the Bradley Tech polling place
    in Milwaukee this morning. An “observer” named James Gordon Bacon
    intently stood over new voters and stared as each registered. He also
    did the same as registered voters came up to the table to get their
    ballots. I went over to him and said that his behavior was
    “intimidating.” He said, “Thank you.”

    The other observer said he had noticed Mr. Bacon’s
    behavior and was “keeping an eye on him.” He said that so far he had
    not noticed anyone who had left because of Mr. Bacon’s staring, but I
    pointed out that there may have been people who opened the door and left
    even before standing in the long lines. He also said he had directly
    asked Mr. Bacon if he was a Republican. Mr. Bacon replied that he was a
    “citizen.” I later found out from the downtown Obama office that the
    manual for preparation for these Republican observers tells the
    observers to answer in just this way, as a concerned citizen.

    I thought you would like to know this. I tried to call earlier but could find no phone number as I could not email from work.

    Ann Batiza, Ph.D.

  • November 6, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    If you can’t get out the vote than suppress the vote. What is particularly disturbing about this is that the main stream media does not report this for what it is; tyranny by the Republican party.

    I hope Obama wins and I already voted for him.

    There is literally no reason on Gods green Earth that I could find that suggested Romney was who deserved my vote.

    All things being equal, Republicans of today just scare me.
    I’m not trying to be dramatic or insulting. It’s just the
    way I feel because I pay very close attention to the

    I know the media is only as liberal as the giant
    corporations that own it, but let me tell you in no uncertain terms; you can
    not break my heart. No amount of confusing tragedian rhetoric will
    distract me from being resourceful enough to find the truth. I
    am tired of the media in general sacrificing what is black and white,
    just to stay in the grey.

    I will vote for Democrats because I actually like what they
    have done, what they are doing and what their aspirations are.

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