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Why We Should Add More Wisdom to Our Daily Life

If you ask ten people what wisdom is, chances are you’ll get ten different definitions. One of the simplest ways to define it is: knowing the right thing to do, and then actually doing it.

Knowledge, intelligence, and principles are all good and well, but they add no value if you don’t apply them in your daily life. And when you don’t do this, nobody will consider you wise. Least of all yourself.

According to the founders of a popular chamomile shampoo brand, The Heavenly Life, the move from inaction to action could be the most important decision you have ever taken.  They credit their success to ensuring constant innovation, action, and change for building their brand into now a global enterprise. They advise that many people find themselves in bad situations, not because they chose to be there, but because they never made the decision not to be there.

So, to add more wisdom to your life’s journey can be as simple as making the decision to be more informed, making better decisions, and then sticking to your decisions. Sometimes this takes courage, but more often than not, it just takes a little more willpower. And this simple choice can unlock so many benefits.

The information you need to make wiser decisions is not always to be found in books either. Trust your instincts. When you feel that you find yourself in a situation, or making a decision, that is wrong, listen to your body and try to see why you feel that way. A better understanding of what your unconscious and your environment are trying to tell you is another avenue into greater wisdom.

Having a mentor on your journey is also worth gold. Think about the people in your life that you consider to be wise. Spend some time with them and find out what makes them tick. They don’t even have to know that they are your guru, as most wise people tend to be very generous with their insights.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can work towards expanding your circle of wisdom. This doesn’t have to be something as daunting as having a ‘life plan’ because plans often change. But you should at least know where you headed, based on what you know now. As you increase your wisdom, knowing where you are going becomes increasingly easier. All the other pieces of information you open yourself up to start to fit together to form a picture of where you want to be. And this information makes it all that much easier to take that step from knowing to doing.

One of the great advantages of striving to live more wisely is that those around you will soon notice the change. They will see that you are more attentive, caring, and trustworthy than before, and they will not only learn from you, but also put more faith in you. People have reported that they had better relationships and received better job opportunities after they made the conscious decision to achieve greater wisdom. When you prove yourself to be more responsible than before, it could happen that the universe entrusts more to you.

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