What Is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy?

Do you know what goes on in your body when you suffer from a chronic disease? Your cells become inactive; they lose their energy, and gradually become dysfunctional to the point that it becomes a disease! Every disease, no matter how small or big, boils down to your cellular function. So what do you do next? Are there any ways of healing at the cellular level? There sure are!! 

Medical technology is advancing at an amazing speed, and scientists have done great inventions for cellular healing. One factor that drove such inventions is the fact that our bodies are tremendous; they can almost heal themselves on their own. But they can’t always do it independently. What our bodies need is a PUSH! And scientists were immaculate at creating ways to give that push. One of such ways is the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)! And can you imagine how simple it is? Just use a good quality PEMF Amethyst mat, and thank me later!


What do you do when your phone battery gets out of charge? You charge it, right? The cells in your body are pretty much like a phone battery, except that they can charge themselves on their own. However, when the cells’ energy (voltage) gets too low, they stop charging themselves in a healthy manner. This results in diseases and sickness. And this is where the PEMF therapy comes into play!


PEMF therapy is a tool to ‘induce’ healing into such dysfunctional cells. It’s not a treatment for diseases, but rather a tool that encourages and supports the treatment! This therapy rejuvenates the damaged and unhealthy cells by passing an electrical magnetic current through them. This current is not intense; It’s mild and only serves as the ‘push’ needed by your cells to perform self-healing. This mild current performs a lot of important functions that bring about wellness and health: it reduces inflammation, reduces pain, boosts nutrients supply, increases blood circulation, etc. With all of these changes occurring at the cellular level, the cells rejuvenate, and ultimately tissue healing occurs. The best part? All of it can be done by a single device: PEMF amethyst mat!


As mentioned above, PEMF therapy is not a treatment for medical conditions, it instead supports and boosts the body’s natural healing potential. The effects of PEMF therapy on body tissues are quite vast and it might greatly improve a lot of medical issues.

PEMF therapy is quite useful for improving bones, muscles, and joints conditions. This includes the management of everyday sprains to medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, bursitis, etc. It’s also effective in speeding up healing post-surgery wounds.

It’s also incredibly effective in healing skin conditions such as burns, ulcers, muscle firming, wrinkling of the skin, surgical incision marks, etc.

Not only this, but PEMF therapy has commendable benefits for the complications of the heart, lungs, kidney, uterus, liver, prostate, etc. What’s more, this therapy also is used to help memory, boosting concentration, enhancing focus as well as managing the symptoms of mental disorders such as depression, ADHD, etc.


Following are the most prominent health benefits of receiving PEMF therapy:


PEMF therapy affects muscle health in amazing ways. It allows the muscles to retain and consume energy in a healthy manner, allowing them to work harder, and also recover better from the work. It also helps to maximize muscle mass.


PEMF therapy can be beneficial in curbing chronic inflammation, and its resultant pain, thereby preventing the damage caused by it.


PEMF therapy encourages the supply of oxygen into the blood and also the absorption of oxygen into cells, which is essential for the cell’s optimal functioning.


PEMF therapy relaxes the muscles and vascular system, which reduces blood pressure and stabilizes heart rate, thereby providing stress-relieving effects.


PEMF therapy is commendable in speeding up the wound-healing process.


PEMF amethyst mat therapy is undoubtedly a great way of up-regulating cellular health, and it has great benefits in managing various medical conditions.