What Makes Microsoft Teams a Great Platform?

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The American multinational technology company ‘Microsoft’ lines up with the big five companies in the U.S. IT industry. And it’s always been a boon for business and remotely working professionals. When the world has shifted from a daily desk work routine to potential work from home, using Microsoft tools becomes essential for a flexible and productive approach. Henceforth, the right tools and technology is a must if planning to generate high efficiency with more significant revenue.

Microsoft Teams is one such collaboration for all, anywhere and at any time. A chat-based app for methodical teamwork that provides space to share documents and store files. It makes it easier to schedule online meetings and simultaneously carry on projects all together in a cloud. Do opt for a comprehensive study of ‘Microsoft Teams Training’ sessions online to have a better and advanced understanding.

Have you heard of Microsoft Teams integrations? It is an alternative to assimilate external apps and toggle among different platforms without exit Teams. This article will tell you the best app integrations for Microsoft Teams that make it worth exploring. Let’s find out what makes Microsoft Teams a great platform.

Steps to access Microsoft Teams integrations

Two simple ways to access the Microsoft teams integration are:

  1. Go to the left-hand menu bar and click on the Apps icon(marked as a black circle in the picture). You will notice a massive menu of apps(over 600).
  2. Or click the plus sign in the top navigation menu to pin the tool you need.

To make navigation easier, categories such as Education, Human Resources, Project management and Productivity on the left-hand side menu of the page or “Top Picks” and “Popular Apps” are helpful.

Best App Integrations for Microsoft Teams

Project management Apps


Management app Monday.com inspires teams to run projects and workflow confidently. For that, you just need to have a Monday.com account. And if the users are looking around for daily updates, then this app fulfills the wish without switching between the platforms. Monday.com provides you with colourful boards into Teams.

Pricing plans-  Minimum $39 per month

Jira Cloud

It assists you and your team to focus and interact on queries, issues and backlog. You can interact with the Jira Cloud bot from your team channel to create, assign, watch and edit points, and logg working time. With the messaging extension, you can quickly search for a specific problem whereas, on the other hand, using an actionable message allows you to create a new topic immediately and submit it to another channel. If you add project backlog to your channel, your team could easily track and start operating on the tab’s tab’s issues.

Human Resources 

Survey Monkey

To receive real-time feedback, you can set notifications for pre-built surveys, quizzes and polls within Microsoft Teams. Also, set updates for everyone by generating new survey responses or collaborator comments.


For a fully interactive session, communities approach the organisation and let you engage with leaders. Following which, you can watch live events and stay up-to-the-minute with the latest news and declarations. It’s a hub where one can share expertise, put forth any queries and get the solutions. Thus, making it important to build relationships across teams and collaborating organisations.

Social and fun

Email TeamMate

Email TeamMate ensures that workers connect through email discussions and share knowledge with the customers and partners. To start a conversation with the colleagues, click on the Email TeamMate icon to simply insert an email to Microsoft Teams. So that the co-workers get the view to respond directly from Teams. Wow, it just sounds so easy- peasy.


Do you love to be in the headlines? Then, click on the News under the social and fun category of Apps. Get the latest updates on the current affairs of Bing News. Also, you will get coverage of local, national, and global news that you can share in a channel if you wish to.

With the increasing trend of more people working from home than earlier, Microsoft Teams helps corporations and employees to be self-sufficient by actively participating and focussing on business discussions.

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