Why PayPal is the Best Bet

We are a competitive species, and we like to bet against others as well as ourselves. Even as children many of us bet against two raindrops running down a windowpane but gambling goes way back further than our childhoods with records showing that around 2300 B.C, the Chinese invented a betting game using tiles.

Today, it’s online betting that is in the forefront of the gambling industry with a virtual world of casinos out there to choose from.

Some of these casinos give new players exceptional welcome bonuses and promotional offers to keep them coming back but for many new players thinking about joining an online casino site, funding their account can bring up the worry of security.

This is quite understandable as in this day and age where we hear of large organizations being compromised by hackers, being safe and secure is vital, especially if it relates to a site which will be privy to banking and personal accounts.

Firstly, the payment selection any online casino site offers should be varied and this includes those online casinos that accept PayPal which in today’s online environment is one of the best, and most importantly, secure ways to fund your personal account.

Most people have heard of PayPal, and it is quite possibly the best-known money transfer service about. Ever since PayPal was bought by the online giant eBay millions of people have used the payment system and have come to rely on it to pay and purchase all types of goods and services online.

Possibly the most important characteristic of PayPal is that there is no need to divulge any personal details while you at your online casino as your details are given directly to PayPal and they act as the middle-man between yourself and your online casino. Depositing has never been so safe as when you use PayPal.

Another little-known fact is that some of the other money transfer services like Skrill or Neteller is that sometimes they are not included in the bonuses and promotional offers that all high-end casinos offer their players. The welcome bonus especially can be what sways players’ minds to actually spend some time at any particular casino, and to find that their method of banking is not acceptable can be a great disappointment.

There are over 250 million people with PayPal accounts, the trust in the company is apparent, and of course, nothing becomes so big without doing something right. The impressive stats alone prove that PayPal is both safe and secure so you can play on your favorite games without worrying who is trying to get your personal details.

Setting up an account is pretty simple and if you follow this link to PayPal you will be able to get started right away.