Why are Car Accidents On The Rise?

We might think that auto-mobiles are safe transportation means, but the statistics suggest otherwise. Every day, dozens of traffic accidents take place across the country. Though the devastation caused by these vary in magnitude, the principle remains the same: car accidents compromise the safety of both the drivers and onlookers.

Identifying the reason behind a car accident is essential. It sets up a framework to point out potential flaws in the infrastructural design of roads. Most car accidents are a result of human negligence, and when we search for these reasons, they allow us to shed light on instances that could prevent it.

According to Phelan Petty’s Virginia car attorneys; In 2018, Virginia car crashes killed 819 drivers, passengers, and pedestrians Injured over 66,523 people; almost 7,500 of whom were seriously injured occurred every 4 minutes involved 1 out of every 25 licensed drivers.

After getting in touch with road safety experts, and legal advisors, we have compiled a list of the most pressing reasons that become a cause of automobile accidents.

Distractions While Driving

While on the road, staying focused is quite easily the discerning factor between life and death. Distracted drivers alone contribute more to the numerical value of car accidents than drunk drivers, and over speeders.

Getting distracted can reduce the ability of our reflexes to take control of the situation of an emergency. While on the road, a lot of factors can pose substantial distractions. These include the use of a cellphone, eating and drinking, or interacting with in-built car entertainment.


Over-speeding is fatal in most instances. This cause of car accidents is more catastrophic than others because fast cars tend to get out of control. When a vehicle cannot be tamed, it is likely to crash and roll, destroying the car structure and the well-being of passengers.

Shooting above the speed limit is illegal in every country, but automobile-enthusiasts still tend to do so. The higher a vehicle is above the legal speed limit, the difficult it becomes for it to stop before colliding into a hazard.

Drunk Driving

Alcohol alters the reaction time of humans. It is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol over a specific prescribed limit. Still, drunk driving remains a significant cause of car accidents all around the globe. Drunk drivers also cannot stay focused on the road, as alcohol concentration alters their sensibilities.

The risk of drunk driving is heightened during holidays and weekends. This is because people tend to celebrate, and within the festive spirit, consuming alcohol is a fashionable trend. The enforcement of this law can be made better by surveilling recreational spaces that serve alcohol, such as clubs and bars.

Road and Weather Conditions

The design of the road and weather conditions also contribute significantly to the cause of car accidents. Rain can make it very difficult for car tires to maintain their grip on the road. When roads become wet, tires come into contact with water before the road’s rough surface.

Braking during wet road conditions can lead to cars losing control. The risk of driving in the rain, and on poorly maintained roads can also be increased if the cars are in frail conditions. Car maintenance is essential to make sure that tires and brakes are in pristine condition.

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    Drunk driving is huge problem in every country huge people will not drink alcohol while driving.

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