Which season is the best for new roof installation?

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Homeowners often remain confused about the best season to install a new roof on their home so that they can plan accordingly. But when they experience roof leaking, they try to make quick decisions to get rid of a leaking roof. When we talk about roofing, the busiest time for roofing contractors is between late summer and fall. On the other hand, some seasons are considered bad for roofing due to severe weather conditions. Here we are going to share a few suggestions to help you choose the right season for new roof installation.


Spring brings pleasant weather that can be enjoyed by a majority of the people. This is why most of the homeowners start their house improvement projects during this season. The same goes for a roof replacement project as homeowners often face roof leaks, cave-ins, and drafts during the harsh winter season and spring is the best season to get rid of these problems. However, spring is an unpredictable season. Rain may interrupt your installation, causing some delays. But nothing to worry about as professional roofing companies know how to tackle unstable weather.


Summer is also a busy season for most roofers as weather is typically warm and consistent to allow all materials and tools to function properly, making it the best time to opt for new roof installations. The majority of the homeowners book their roof replacement in early summer as extreme humidity and heat has not started yet. Due to the high demand for roofers in this season, the prices of roof replacement goes up along with limited time slots.


Of course, fall is the best time of the year to go for new roofing in Cambridge. The combination of stable, cool weather, and cool breeze leads many homeowners to begin thinking about roof replacements. The average temperature during fall lies between 45 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 degrees Fahrenheit with some threat of uncertain rain. This season is considered the best as it let shingles set and seal. The cool temperatures allow roofing contractors to work all day long without getting overheated. The only drawback for the fall season is the busy schedule of roofers and they may take weeks to book your appointment for a new roof.


Winter is considered a tough season for roofers to finish their roof replacement assignments. Roof replacement becomes difficult when the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Shingles require thermal sealing to set, hence, it usually takes weeks or days in cold temperatures.

Shingles become too cold during winters and can break or crack during installation. Also, sleet, snow, and other extreme weather can make it dangerous for workers to finish their installation work.

Fortunately, you can get your roof replaced in the winter if your roofing contractor is well aware of weather changes and know how to accommodate them. With proper storage of shingles in a warm atmosphere and then quick application with certified tools can seal them in the same manner as in the summer or spring. Any experienced roofing company can guarantee quality work irrespective of the climate, so roof replacement can be ideal if you are looking for a flexible schedule.

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    Spring weather is nice and can be enjoyed by most people. This is why most people start projects to improve their homes during this time of year. The same is true for a roof replacement project. During the harsh winter, roof leaks, cave-ins, and drafts are common problems for homeowners, and spring is the best time to fix these problems. But spring is an unpredictable time of year. Rain could stop your work and cause some delays. But there’s no need to worry because professional roofing companies know how to deal with weather that isn’t stable.

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