When It All Comes Down

Restless hearts all alone

We’re searching for the perfect place; the perfect home

Where on earth can peace  abound ?

We seek it everywhere, but still it can’t be found

Behold I’m standing at the door

I’m waiting for your cry so I can do much more

When it all comes down, we’ve been put in this place to work our faith out

When it all comes down, we’ve got to move beyond the question “why?”

When it all comes down, it’s just a matter of where we leave this body

When it all comes down, we die

We die

So we struggle through our days, yet if we stopped and looked above this worldly haze

There’s a person and a way

A perfect place of rest and mercy for each day

Yes, there’s hope beyond the grave

For there is one who overcame and truly saves

I know that death has lost its sting

One day in heaven we will lift our voice and sing

Worthy, worthy is the lamb

Holy, holy is his name

And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes

There will be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying

There will be no more pain

For the former things have passed away

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