What to Send Instead of Flowers

There are many occasions when it’s appropriate and customary to send a bouquet of flowers – a funeral, graduation, wedding anniversary, birthday, as a thank you, or for the birth of a new baby. But then, it can start to feel a little bit repetitive and just a tad boring. You can’t help but feel a bit silly when you think about all the flowers that are sure to be building up in the recipient’s front hallway. We’ve come up with some fun ideas of things to send instead of the usual bouquet. These options are sure to be much more useful and much more memorable!

1. Fruit basket

Edible gift baskets will always be a step-up from the customary bouquet. Appropriate for any occasion, a fruit basket is a gift that looks the part, but can be enjoyed for days after it’s received. GiftTree is a company that delivers across all of America and Canada and has a range of fruit basket options, which can be found at https://www.gifttree.com/v3/fruit-baskets. The gorgeous fruit baskets at GiftTree come with hand-selected seasonal fruit, high-quality Godiva chocolates, and a selection of cookies. You also have the option to add a personalized ribbon. GiftTree also has other edible gift options such as cheese boards and chocolate boxes. This thoughtful gift is sure to impress and will be a great and enjoyable change from the usual bouquet.

 2. Handwritten letter

Go for something more personal than the standard flowers and send a handwritten letter. This way, you can express exactly what you want to about the occasion. Plus, you’ll be giving them something they can keep forever. This is a great option if you want to send something to a grieving friend whose house is probably bursting at the seams with flowers.

3. Candy or chocolates

Another edible gift option is a box of candy or chocolates. For those with a sweet tooth, this gift will go down like a treat! While flowers admittedly look great, nothing beats feasting on a box of chocolates or candy.

4. Something special and useful for the occasion

Think about what would be really useful. This will change depending on the occasion. For instance, if it’s for the birth of a baby, send a favorite children’s book or some baby toys. If it’s an anniversary, a bottle of champagne is a great alternative. Whatever the event may be, something more specific than flowers will always be appreciated.

 5. Wine

Alcohol is almost always a solid gift option. When you’ve been accepting bouquet after bouquet, it will definitely be a welcome surprise. Wine is a great option for a new college graduate or for someone who has just gotten a new job. It’s a thoughtful way to say congratulations and to help them get their celebrations started.

6. A video message

Sending a digital gift is another option, and while it may seem a bit lazy, something like a personal video message can be much more meaningful than a bouquet. This is the perfect option if you want to wish someone a happy birthday, congratulations, or a happy anniversary. Your friend will be thrilled to see you, even if it’s on a screen, especially if you’re traveling or live far away. If you have time, try to get a group of your mutual friends to record themselves as well. If you can compile these messages into one long video message, your friend will have an amazing sentimental video they can keep forever.

7. A relevant book

Depending on the occasion, it can be a great idea to send a relevant book instead of flowers. If the gift is for a new graduate, for instance, try finding a book about forging a successful career. Or, if it’s for new parents, there are plenty of wonderful books on childrearing. The recipient will really appreciate the effort and thought you’ve put into your gift, and hopefully, it will be something they can turn to in the coming months and years.

8. A relevant gift card

If you can’t find a suitable book, try looking for stores that sell useful, relevant items. If they’re about to go on a big trip, for example, stores that sell travel items are a great place to start. A gift card to a relevant store means your friend can decide what they need the most. Giving them the option to choose something for themselves is sometimes more considerate than buying the gift yourself.

9. Something sentimental

If you’ve known this person for a long time, a wonderful gift is always something sentimental. If you have an old photo of the two of you as children, why not send this with a handwritten note on the back? Or, if the two of you went on a trip together when you were younger, you could try finding a souvenir to remind them of the time you shared together. A sentimental gift is a touching and personal alternative to flowers that’s sure to warm their heart and make them smile.

 10. A donation

Donating to a charity can be a really touching and thoughtful gesture that makes a lot more difference than flowers ever could. This is a particularly good alternative to send to a funeral. Try finding a charity that the deceased would have wanted to support, or a charity that’s related to the way they passed away. Donating in honor of them will mean a lot to their loved ones, and will show that you’ve put some real thought into their situation.

Of course, if you really are at a loss for ideas, there’s nothing wrong with sending a beautiful bouquet of flowers! It’s a timeless and thoughtful gesture that will always be well-received and enjoyed. If you don’t know what your friend needs or wants, giving flowers is a perfect way to show you’re thinking of them.