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CS:GO betting sites are among the most frequented esports betting platforms nowadays. Even in the luxuriance of a new strategy and battle royale games, the Counter-Strike series never lost their charm. Some of us are now old enough to remember skipping classes to play the very first version of Half-Life: Counter-Strike. But Valve has come a long way to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and we can even bet on it.

Even upon its first release, Counter-Strike got very positive reviews and won the hearts of gamers across the world. The E-Sports Entertainment Association League dubbed Counter-Strike as a pioneer in professional fantasy esports leagues. Trailblazing competitive esports team play, the sequence continued with Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, and our current paradigm Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Rise of CS:GO Betting Sites

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the first increment of the Counter-Strike series that enabled the formation of a virtual economy. It all started with the Arms Deal update that enabled cosmetic touch-ups and skins for the very first time. Other than the Steam Workshop or unboxing cases or loot boxes with microtransactions, CS:GO tournaments award tournament viewers with loot boxes. From then onwards, trading and betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive became more and more popular.

Whenever something gains in popularity the way CS:GO did, a logical consequence is to capitalize on the attention. CS:GO tournaments snowballed a sizeable enough audience to sustain the fastest growing number of dedicated betting sites. However, the overabundance of betting platforms doesn’t make betting easier for the end-user. We all like having choices, but when it comes to betting, many platforms find it hard to walk the fine line between simplicity and overabundance.

When you’re looking for an esports betting platform, the variety of games is not the only betting option you would need. We appreciate variety, and when it comes to available games, more is often the merrier. However, when you specifically look for CS:GO betting sites, there are other relevant criteria you should prioritize. The choice of tournaments offered by  CS:GO betting sites is not the same across many betting platforms. In order not to get disappointed, you would have to either check the tournaments or leagues covered by your betting platform of choice.

Considering the intricate sign-up processes, identity verification times, and possible deposit delays, choosing an esports betting platform is not to be taken lightly. All kinds of last-minute inconveniences could easily hinder your betting experience if you don’t take the time to make an informed choice.

Your Long-Term Partner in Esports Betting

Rivalry is a verified esports betting website that satisfies the criteria of even the most advanced users. As a sponsor of Fnatic, Rivalry takes esports and betting very seriously. With 20 esports games to choose from, you can bet on CS:GO matches that are currently live or choose from the upcoming ones. There are many ways to deposit, and if you hurry to sign up, you can double your first deposit and receive up to $100!

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