What Are America’s Favorite Casino Games?

With the spiritual home of gambling situated within its borders, America has a long-standing history of gambling. Thanks to the advent of online casinos, that love has only strengthened – but what are the most played games? Let’s take a look at what tops the charts when it comes to casino gaming.

Many of these games are found not just in the best casinos in America, but also in places like the UK and Canada. The live dealer casino games and other games we list below can be found on pretty much any good online casino whilst their land-based counterpart will be at any major casino.

Let’s get into it!

Slot machines

Coming in with a pretty big margin is slot machines. These simple games offer the whole package – you’ve got simple rules that are easy to learn but very hard to master, the chance for a huge payout, low round costs, and an incredible variety.

It’s the variety that helps boost this above other games. Players can enjoy jackpot progressive games where you get a chance to win millions of dollars, games with fun mechanics, and even slots based on your favorite bands and tv shows such as WWE. This almost endless variety means players never get bored.


Next up is the classic table game of Blackjack. It’s a very simple card game that offers a wide variety of bets as well as numerous variants of the game. There’s also a slight competitive edge as players face off against a dealer, hoping to beat the dealer in a race to 21.

Whilst you don’t tend to get wins as big as you can on some slot machines, you can play strategies to help bump up your chances of winning. There are plenty of different hand guides that people use, especially with online Blackjack, that help to almost mitigate the house edge. With a tight game and a great strategy, you can get the house edge as low as 1%!


Ah, the casino staple. One of the most synonymous games for casinos, when it’s depicted in a film, is the classic roulette wheel. You’ll find live versions at pretty much every online casino and table version at almost every land-based casino in existence.

The big draw here for Americans is the sheer simplicity of the game. You simply have to guess where the ball will land on the wheel. But don’t let that fool you, there are elements of nuance and skill involved.

Depending on how risky the player is feeling, they can get a pretty nice payout if they manage to guess right. The fact that the game can be learned in roughly 6 minutes is just icing on the cake.


Who doesn’t love being in with a chance for winning a huge amount of money in a fun environment? Whilst different states have different rules around Bingo, in many of the casinos based in the main gambling states of America you can find a bingo hall. 

The sheer fun and social side of Bingo is what drives its popularity. Players can win nice-sized amounts and there’s no real skill involved – players just have you hope that lady luck is on their side. 


An American casino staple, Craps isn’t really played outside of the US. Different versions of the game have evolved over time and have become more popular in different countries, but when it comes to Craps, America is king.

This is another social game that will often have people laughing and cheering. The rules can be a bit complicated for newcomers which is probably why it isn’t higher on the list, but once players nail the flow of the game and the different bets they’re in for a whole world of fun. There’s also a strange and unique etiquette around the craps table which has seen the game earn an almost cult-like following. 

A bulk of Craps players will be found at the major casinos in Las Vegas and online versions are few and far between. 


Slots hold the title for the most-played casino game in America and have done for a long time. But you never know – with the advances in technology and shifting cultures, maybe a table game or some other type of casino game will overthrow the king and move into first place. Only time will tell.