Wealth Coach Derek Moneyberg Shares 5 ways to Enhance Your Communication, Negotiation and Wealth

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Money, as a concept, hasn’t been explored by most people. For the general public, it’s something to be saved and used. Although fundamentally correct, these definitions in themselves are flexible, expansive, and open to interpretation. Internationally renowned wealth coach Derek Moneyberg is a man of insight and foresight. He has been in the business of negotiating, communicating, and growing wealth” while helping others do the same since he was 19. Today at 41, he shares 5 ways to enhance communication, negotiation, and wealth.

Communicate honestly and carefully.

A large part of Derek’s success has been his grasp on how communication works, rather, what kind of communication works. He believes in keeping mum when necessary and talking when the time is right. He says, “When we are an open book and talk about things that are in the works, then we allow people to walk all over us. Your ideas can be ripped right out from under you in an instant when you let people come too close.” Word of caution, indeed.

Negotiate like you mean it.

Derek firmly believes that “We have no right to expect someone’s time or attention without offering value.” As a deft and firm negotiator, Derek is all about offering real values as a businessman, employer, and mentor. For him, negotiation is not just about settling for a sum you desire but about showing your client that you know what you are saying and why you are saying it. Negotiation is the key to amplifying wealth.

If you are serious about money, let it show.

Derek does not work with “those who are struggling. I work with winners.” As a winner himself, Derek knows the role of planning in making money. He advises, “Investing for wealth creation, is not predicated on some petty hustle. Investors with a solid plan and underlying fundamental education consistently make tremendously greater returns than “day traders.”

Scarcity is a gift.

Derek grew up in an impoverished household. As he grew older and started working in Walmart, he had an epiphany, “I decided that my current situation was a CHOICE, and I took personal responsibility for my outcomes.” This burst of lightning made him quit his first job and pursue his lofty dreams. He decided to “earn a better life” and clearly understood that “mediocrity is a lifestyle choice, and so is financial success.”

Know your worth.

The world sees your worth as you see it yourself. Knowing your worth is equivalent to knowing what you are bound to receive once you are out on the field. This includes knowing your strengths and boundaries and becoming acutely self-aware, so you wouldn’t need “external validation to prove your value.”⁣

Derek knows his worth. He also knows that nothing can substitute serious hard work and discipline. As he urges his clients, employees, listeners, and members with cold, hard logic to succeed, he intends to help them grow, learn, evolve, and, most of all, build their wealth.