Waiakea Water Uses Volcanic Filtration to Provide a Superior-Tasting Product       

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When you take a sip of Waiakea Water bottled water, you may be surprised by the smooth feel and the almost sweet flavor of the water flooding your taste buds. But what might surprise you, even more, is that the water is all-natural. This begs the question: How can natural water taste so, well, tasty? The answer lies in the unique volcanic filtration process that Waiakea Water uses for its bottled water. Here’s a look at how this process works.

Waiakea Water’s bottled water originates on a volcano known as the Mauna Loa, which is Earth’s purest environment. Why? Because arctic moisture coming from the trade winds in the area convert to bountiful snow or rain as it strikes the slopes of the volcano. Then, the water is filtered naturally through lava rock that is porous and that spans 14,000 feet.

The lava rock not only purifies the water but also enhances its taste with an unparalleled blend of essential minerals. In other words, the water is naturally filtered and mineralized simultaneously. At the same time, this natural filtration process keeps harmful contaminants at bay. The water then re-emerges at the volcano’s eastern base, in an area that is secluded and surrounded by bio-diverse and rich forest preserves.

The result? Pure and tasty Hawaiian volcanic water that Waiakea Water then delivers in the form of bottled water. The bottled water offers a tasting profile that has earned it awards as well as the praise of foodies across the globe, who have fallen in love with its distinctive terroir and taste. In fact, foodies have recognized the water for complimenting just about any dish, whether it’s sushi, Hawaiian poi, or even Caprese salad. The water continues to stand out for its taste and texture and will no doubt tantalize many more taste buds and, in turn, capture more hearts in the years ahead.

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