US Ambassador to Kazakhstan Tours Kusto Group’s Kazbeef Facilities

The US Ambassador’s visit to a Kazakh beef production facility operated by Kusto Group subsidiary, Kazbeef, highlights the company’s important ties with its American partners and its efforts to elevate premium livestock production in the country.

Kazbeef, a high-quality beef producer located in Kazakhstan and a division of the diverse multinational Kusto Group, recently hosted the United States Ambassador to Kazakhstan, H.E. William H. Moser, at its Schuchinsk site in the northern region of the country. During his visit, the ambassador was allowed to tour the Kazbeef factory and the adjacent pasturelands where the cattle roam. Upon completing his tour, Ambassador Moser was treated to a sampling of Kazbeef’s top-of-the-line premium beef steaks.

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Kusto Group Forms Joint Ventures with American Firms

The visit of the US Ambassador to Kazbeef’s facilities highlights the important relationships the company has worked tirelessly to establish with its American partners. Kazbeef has seen expansive growth in the agricultural sector, making it one of Kusto Group’s rising stars in recent years. The company hopes to capitalize on its success by opening new opportunities to export and trade Kazbeef across the region and world.

In 2010, Kazbeef became the first Kazakh company to import the world-renowned Angus and Hereford breeding stock from the United States. This marked the beginning of Kazbeef’s valuable relationship with American farmers and manufacturers who maintain one of the best reputations in the world for their high-quality breeding livestock. The goal of Kusto’s Kazbeef is to produce a unique product that is not only valued for its quality but is positively new to the Kazakh market.

Kazbeef, now the number one producer of marbled beef in Kazakhstan, has taken great strides to improve and make contributions to Kazakhstan’s overall livestock breeding sector, even organizing the first annual auction of breeding cattle in 2012. Black Angus beef is one of the most popular breeds of meat livestock in the world. The breed is prized for its high productive performance and adaptability to diverse climates.

Kusto Group’s agricultural subsidiary, Kazseed, was built on the formation of a strong relationship with the American partner, Baumgartner Agriculture Science and Service (BASS). The US company is a leading producer of non-GMO seeds, offering a superior, innovative product to the Kazakh agricultural sector. It is through these celebrated partnerships that Kusto Group hopes to continue the expansion of Kazbeef and Kazseed’s production into new markets.

Agricultural Sector in Kazakhstan Holds Enormous Potential

Kazakhstan has a huge potential for export-based growth in agricultural sectors in part due to its geography and natural environment. With large expanses of rich, fertile land, the country has the ability to produce agricultural products of the finest quality and in potentially large quantities. With its fresh air, clean water and acres of wide-open spaces carpeted in nutritional grasses, Kazakhstan presents the ideal natural conditions for the cultivation of the very best beef cattle.

Kazbeef believes that producing high-quality beef products depends on excellent genetics, premium feeding and superior processing of the meat.  Kazbeef adheres to a scientifically backed long-term high-energy fattening feeding program to ensure its cattle is fed a diet that produces an optimum meat product demonstrating exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness. Kusto’s Kazbeef utilizes a systematic approach to safety and quality control at every level of production guaranteeing a high-quality beef product that is receptive and can easily adapt to market changes.

With Kazakhstan’s central location in Asia, it has been a historic and modern hub of trade and commerce with an established network for exporting goods across the region and globally. Kusto Group has recognized the country’s agricultural potential and its American partners are just as enthusiastic about the economic prospects of Kazakhstan evidenced by their enhanced partnerships with Kusto and Ambassador Moser’s visit and tour of Kazbeef.

Looking to the Future

As Kusto Group looks to the future for Kazbeef and its agricultural operations, it hopes to continue to raise the standard of beef production across Kazakhstan and the region. The company hopes to expand Kazbeef’s four operational units of pedigree livestock production, feedlots, meat-processing and farming both locally and into international markets through growing export opportunities.

By offering a unique and superior product obtained through a combination of strong partnerships and the ideal natural environment of Kazakhstan, Kazbeef continues to revolutionize the premium beef livestock market in the region. Its world-class production process strives to raise the bar and set the course for the agricultural operations of the Kusto Group and of the Kazakh market.

Kazbeef is proud to have hosted the US Ambassador to Kazakhstan at its facilities. The ambassador asserted that US firms have demonstrated a strong interest in the food and agricultural sectors of Kazakhstan, which hold enormous potential, through the development of partnerships, trade, and investment. Kusto Group believes that the joint ventures it has built with its American partners will continue to thrive bringing economic prosperity to the region and allowing the company to expand into new markets delivering a high-quality product to even more consumers.