UK City Break Destinations that Will Steal Your Heart

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You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a city break in the UK. There’s plenty of fantastic cities to explore whether you want to stay near the coast for easy access to beaches or you want to shop till you drop, the UK has something for everyone. We’ve strung together some of the UK’s best city break destinations that will captivate your imagination and steal your heart too. Check them out below!


How could we make a list of the best UK city breaks without mentioning the king of them all? London is easily one of the most famous cities in the world. Over 19 million tourists flock to the capital each year so, as you can imagine, it’s a bustling city to visit. But once you take the time to explore the streets, you’ll soon realize why it’s become such a mammoth tourist hot spot. It’s home to iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London.  


When people think of Cambridge, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Trinity College. But there’s so much more to the city than its historic university. It’s packed with leafy green meadows, cobbled streets, historic pubs, and museums. One such museum is the Fitzwilliam Museum, which is home to Roman and Egyptian artifacts, antique watches, classical armor and lots more. When you feel your stomach groaning, track down the Steak & Honour restaurant for a delicious meal that’ll keep you full for the rest of your day.


The Edinburgh Castle is just one of the sites waiting to be explored in this magnificent city. Ideal for a short city break, Edinburgh has got a lot up its sleeves including the Princes Street Gardens, the Scottish Parliament Building, and the incredible Royal Yacht Britannia. If you’re into ghouls and stories of bygone eras, you might enjoy a captivating ghost tour through the city and the Old Town. The Old Town is home to many medieval architectural buildings, which are exciting to explore. You can also visit the Real Mary King’s Close, which is like an eerie labyrinth dating back to the 17th century. 


People often shy away from Belfast because of its troubled past, but the city has grown into itself since then and offers visitors a unique city experience. The Titanic Quarter draws in thousands of visitors each year and guests can visit the center to learn more about the ship and its unfortunate demise. There’s plenty of magnificent hotels in Belfast to choose from including the Europa, Maldron Hotel and the Fitzwilliam Hotel.


Looking for a city with a more gothic vibe? Exeter is a perfect choice. As you walk through the city, you’ll notice lots of medieval and Georgian buildings just begging to be explored. The city has managed to keep hold of its history with many ancient buildings still in excellent condition. For more adventure and physical activities, head to the quayside part of the city for an afternoon of kayaking or cycling. 


Liverpool has got tonnes of things to see and do including a UNESCO world heritage site and an endless line of shopping centers and museums. Take a city bus tour to get familiar with the routes and learn more about the city’s heritage. The Museum of Liverpool is worth a visit too and offers dozens of great exhibits from the First World War,Galkoff and much more. The Albert Dock is located on Liverpool’s waterfront, which is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. 


Located in the northwest of England, Manchester is known for its rich industrial history and its passion for football. Spend the afternoon in the Museum of Science & Industry to take part in a variety of interactive activities designed for children and adults alike. If you’re a fan of football, you won’t want to miss a visit to Old Trafford, also known as the “theatre of dreams” by Manchester United fans. Man City fans will probably prefer to stop by the Etihad Stadium though!


The romantic city of Canterbury is perfect for those of you looking for more of a quiet city break. It’s peppered with ancient buildings including the Canterbury Cathedral, which dates back to 597 A.D. Other historical sites to visit during your time here includes St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury Castle, St Martin’s Church, and the Canterbury Roman Museum. 

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