Two-Minute Tirade: Why Impeachment is STUPID

In a whirlwind of political theater, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has announced his intention to open a formal impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden. But why? As budget talks loom, McCarthy’s move appears less about the nation’s well-being and more about appeasing the far-right to secure his position.

What’s the grand accusation against President Biden? Even MAGA Republicans can’t answer that with concrete evidence, and yet they plunge headfirst into political spectacle.

It appears that politics trumps policy in this Republican-led 118th Congress.
This is my two-minute tirade. Let’s start the clock!

After every impeachment hearing, there is an inevitable boomerang effect against the Congress doing the impeaching. Both former Presidents Clinton and Trump saw their highest approval ratings in office just days after Senate acquittals from their hearings. Even Trump’s alleged venal extortion of an ally to dig up dirt on a political opponent wasn’t enough to sway voters.

And who suffers from these inquiries? Not the one being impeached. No. It’s the country that suffers from such theater shows. Ironically, it is those who lead the charge that end up with egg on their face!
The public is not blind; they see through the charades and the thinly veiled attempts at political grandstanding. The more such hearings drag on, the more credibility the investigators lose. It’s a political Ponzi scheme, reminiscent of Bernie Madoff doubling down on his house of cards, hoping that the public won’t notice the foundation crumbling beneath.

For MAGA Republicans, instead of propelling themselves forward with new policy initiatives, they’re looping their own noose, letting real opportunities to demonstrate progress to the American people slip through their eager fingers.

In the end, when the dust settles, it won’t be President Biden’s legacy that is tarnished, but those who embark on this needless interrogation.