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How to be a true, but wise friend for your child

We live in a digital age and our children are in many ways more adapted to the digital world than we are. Today, gadgets of all kinds are a part of our life, and kids appear to be more advanced users of all those numerous devices. Of course, diving into digital world has both good and bad sides. As a wise friend to your kid, you are to be there, to explain to them how to make screen-time beneficial to their intellectual and social growth.  


Kids Learn by Watching and Playing

Tales and stories help to explore the world, and those on video are not an exception.

Using various gadgets, kids can watch their favorite cartoons and movies in their free time. Just keep in mind that these gadgets are to be both functional and convenient. For example, if you are looking for a compact unit for watching videos and playing video games both at home and on a travel, you can get the portable cd player.


Get to a New Level of Communication

Knowing what games, cartoons, and movies your child plays or watches, you will always have a good topic for conversation. It is so cool to be your child’s true friend, but you should be ready to discuss whatever is interesting to your kiddo.

Video Games Help to Develop Cognitive Skills

It is known that playing computer games improves memory, processing speed, and brain flexibility. Moreover, it promotes social involvement and prosocial behavior. Selecting a gadget for your kid to carry around, it is important to choose a lightweight and portable one; we recommend you to get the game console for kids you can find on the market.


Digital World Can Be Too Engaging

Kids of all ages are prone to playing computer games and watching movies for hours, ignoring other activities. To help them keep the balance, you can, on one hand, agree on screen time rules. On the other hand, you can encourage other interests, such as sports and outdoor hobbies, leaving them less time to spend on gadgets.

Not All the Games Teach Good Things

There is a vast choice of games on the market. It is not a secret that violent games or videos can promote aggressive behavior. The only solution is to pay attention to your child, talk with them, discuss the games they like and offer them cool educational games recommended for kids of their age.

Playing Computer Games Can be Bad for Your Health

The dose makes the poison, they say. Playing for too long may lead to various health problems. Sitting in one pose in front of the screen can cause muscle pain and eye strain. Kids need to be active; movement is essential for their normal development. More screen time means a less physical activity that may cause obesity and other conditions.

Children can learn so many things from playing games, but you should remember that this pastime can’t make up for the time spent with their parents. Listen to your kids, read them books, tell them stories. Make them feel that the real world is bigger than the digital one.


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