Top Tips When Selling Your Home Without A Real Estate Agent

Gone are the days when having an agent or a realtor was the only way for you to sell your home. Without a doubt, it is going to be very challenging, but it isn’t impossible. And when you achieve just that, you end up earning more from your sale, as you will no longer have to pay for the fees of an agent. Plus, it also one of the ways to sell your home fast.

To ensure that you are going to do well with your sale, you have to know precisely what it is you have to do. This article is here to give you the top tips on selling your home sans an agent:

1. Set A Price

One of the advantages of having a realtor helping you out is that they know how to value your home in such a way that it can be sold immediately. Plus, you are also given a price allowance should a potential buyer haggle. But even without an agent, you can still set a reasonable price for your property. Just remember to be very realistic. The best way for you to go about with it is to ask from your local assessor the value of the homes around your area, and with the same size as yours. Then, factor in, too, the number of years it has been since your house was built. Doing this allows you to have a better idea of what price is ideal and realistic for your home. Sites like, which buy houses in their current condition, may give you an idea about how to price your home properly as well.

2. Prepare Your Home For Potential Buyers

If you haven’t gone through a major purge or declutter of your home, then now’s the time for you to do so. Doing this is very important, especially since you are trying to sell your home without an agent. Hence, you have to do all the marketing and convincing yourself. For instance, you might want to start packing into boxes of any of your photos and memorabilia. Even a simple step such as that makes it more convincing for your potential buyers to choose your home, as they can already envision how they might want to decorate the place with them as the new owners.

In preparing your home for potential buyers, the most important tip to remember is this: repair your house first so that by the time potential buyers come and have a look, it is already in perfect condition. But if you opt not to go through repairs anymore and sell your house as-is, this is doable, too. There are numerous companies that purchase houses for cash, which means that they take your house in the state that it is in. If you are from Texas, you can try selling your home to

3. Advertise Your Home

Without a real estate agent helping you out, you have to double your efforts in selling your home. Gone are the days when you can stick a sign up on the yard, showing that your house is on sale. Most homebuyers browse through the Internet when they are looking for houses to buy, so you must also be readily available on this market. List your home in multiple listing sites, so that you are increasing your visibility even more.

Apart from listing online, you can also market through the following means:


With these tips on hand to guide you, here’s to hoping that you will finally be more optimistic about selling your home without an agent. While it requires more work, the benefits that you can gain are also more worthwhile. It all boils down to the cost. If you want to maximize whatever profit you make out of selling your property, then you’re better off without a real estate agent.