Top Ten Types of Students

Are you a student? If you a student, then I think you may have encountered many kinds of students in your classroom. But if you are not a student anymore or if you are a teacher I think you have also experienced similar types of student in your early life.

Today I will share a list of types of students from my personal experience when I was a student.

At the time when I was a student I had a lot of friends, as a result, I got a chance to know the verity of students.

Mr. Encyclopedia

This is the most common type of student you will find in the class. You may ask me what the proof is. You can easily notice this type of guys in the classroom.  They usually seat in the front seat in the class and very much fond of teachers. You will notice that they sometimes behave that they may have swallowed the whole encyclopedia.

The Expert of Excuses

You may have noticed that there is an expert student who can convince his teachers easily by giving excuses. Suppose that particular student has forgotten about his assignment to complete but don’t worry about him as he has a latent talent forgiving excuses.

The Forever Student

You may find a student in the class who is more senior than you. He or she may have already studied three different programs already but he or she could not complete any of them. The crucial reality is they can’t decide what to do in life and confused about what is really suitable for them. You might or might not see her at the beginning of the second year.

The Ultimate Late Person

You may have noticed that one of your classmates always come to class after ten or twenty min. No matter how late the class begins they will be the last person in the class. That’s why they are called simply ‘The Late Lateef’.

The Early Bird

This types of students come early in the classes no matter what happens. They try to seat on the first branch in the class. Due to the sincerity for the class teachers and other students like him or her.

Tech Savvies

Nowadays this type of students is very common in the classroom. You will defiantly find them in the classrooms, in case if you don’t find them in the classroom, then I must have to say that you may have ended in a wrong generation via time machine. if you don’t find them, don’t worry you will defiantly find secret mobile users, video takers, photo editors, gamers etc. – all of them are the sub-types of this species.

The Narcoleptic

Most common type of student in the class. They usually sleep in the class during lecture. But they have extraordinary ability to fall asleep at any time and any place which is really impressive. Sometimes students find more interesting to watch a narcoleptic rather than paying attention to boring lectures delivered by the teacher!

The Day Dreamer

This type of students doesn’t have any knowledge about what is happening in the class in a particular time as they can’t pay attention in the class for a long time. Sometimes for this bad habit sometimes they have to face an embracing situation.


These types of students are always anxious about their studies in spite of having good command over their studies. They sometimes feel that they may fail in the exam when he or she is an expert of that particular subject! Isn’t it strange? I personally think without study and feeling tension for the exam they don’t have any kind of work to do at all. But the irony is they always cut a good figure in the exam as a result teachers like them very much.

The Perfect Student

You will notice this type of student not more than one or two in the class. They are really fond of by their teachers, parents or even by their classmates. They are studious and get good grades in the exam. He or she is not only good at the study but also good at extracurricular activities and sports.  In a word, he or she is considered an all-rounder and every student wants to become like him or her.

Oftentimes, this student may pursue MCAT test prep  or UCAT test to apply to medical school and become a doctor. These students have the inherent drive necessary to push themselves to pursue an M.D. These students set the habits early on, and as they grow, they focus, discipline themselves, and balances their lives with studying.

A perfect student does not copy essay from anyone, in fact, they always try to write a unique essay. If you want to become a perfect student like him or her you can start by writing an essay for plagiarism checker service PapersOwl and by doing it you can skill up your writing which will ultimately help you to cut a good figure in the exam.     

If you are not any more student, then let us know in the comment section which type of classmates you have encountered in your student life or which one you were? But if you are a teacher then it will be more interesting to know from you, which type of the above you have already encountered?

Finally, I would like to say that if you have any suggestions regarding this topic you can share with us in the comment section and can inform us if we have missed any important and interesting type of students in the class.

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