Top mistakes that are commonly made by Python developers

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Have you recently just started to learn Python code and you’re finding it a bit confusing, to put it mildly? Python is described as a high-level programming language, which means picking it up isn’t exactly quick and easy. This object-oriented programming language has been around since 1989 when it was created by Guido Rossum.

Its main purpose is for incredibly fast prototyping of various complex applications. Some of the biggest companies out there use Python, these include companies such as BitTorrent, YouTube, NASA, and even Google. So, as you work to master it yourself, it can be quite helpful to be aware of the most common mistakes that Python developers are guilty of making. Here’s a look at the top mistakes that you may run into.

Not Using Expressions in the Right Way

One of the most common mistakes that you can run into as a Python developer is to misuse expressions as defaults for the function arguments. What gets confusing for some is the fact that a function argument is, in fact, optional and needs a default value.

An Inadvertent Name Clash

Another issue that developers can have is quite by accident and that is name clashing thanks to the Python standard library modules. What can happen is that you can end up using the same name of a module that comes with the standard library and with one of your own modules. The way to avoid this is to be sure you’re very aware of what the standard library modules are called.

Not Being Aware of Coding Differences Between Python 2 and 3

If you have used Python 2 in the past and have now made the move to Python 3, it’s normal to assume that the code is all the same. This isn’t always the case. Sure, there will be some coding that is universal between the two versions, but not all.

Not Being Aware of the Scope Rules

You also need to be well-versed in the Python scope rules, so as to avoid any potential problems. All of the scope rules are formed upon the LEGB rule, which stands for Local, Enclosing, Global, Built-In. Keeping that in the back of your mind can help, but it still doesn’t take away all potential for errors.

Enroll for a Beginner’s Tutorial

This is just a small look at the many common mistakes that Python developers can make. Remember, mistakes cost time and money and aren’t something that should just be glazed over. With that in mind, it can be quite helpful to enroll in a Python programming tutorial for beginners, such as the course offered through Guru99.

In this tutorial, you will cover such things as how to install Python on Windows with Pycharm IDE, understanding the main functions of Python, a look at Python variables, Python file handling, and so much more.

Don’t Let the Mistakes Sway You

Despite the fact that Python can be tricky to learn and master, don’t let the potential mistakes sway you. Python is a powerful tool and one that can be extremely beneficial to master in order to open career paths for you.

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