Top Facts Why Homework Should Be Banned

Students often struggle to prepare home tasks. At schools and universities homework load is very large. Students simply fail to prepare the tasks in time. It makes them get very low grades.

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Negative Effect Of Workload

Many students suffer from the fact they cannot finish a homework in time. The consequences of scholar failure can be the next:

  • A student can get a deep depression. It happens quite often with people during college years. They perceive scholar failure as failure to live life successfully. It makes them unhappy and depressive. Students’ tempers also change with it. They start to take decisions slower and become less self-confident.
  • It can lead to suicides. There were cases of suicide among pupils. It happened not because unsuccessful love story. The main reason of it was failure to become successful in studies.
  • It can kill desire to learn. That is a very negative effect. If a pupil loses interest in subjects he likes, he will stop to discover the world. It will stop his intellectual development. Students who do not discover new things often start to smoke or to take drugs.

These consequences evidently are crucial for one’s life. That is why it is important to make everything possible to avoid such things happening. It makes many ministries of education around the world to abolish homework at all. Parties that lobby such decisions have valid arguments and proofs.


New Education Approach

Very soon the majority of educational institutions around the world will abolish homework. There are many important reasons for it. Here are some of them:

  • It takes all personal time of students. Each human being has to have free time. During it, he has to do things he likes. He has to take normal rest. If such a rule is not followed, a person can get great psychological and physical problems. He will not enjoy life. He will make everything possible to escape reality. Such type of students usually develop different types of depression. They often choose to live in a virtual reality. They game all day long or use social media extensively.
  • It does not leave time for socialization. It is a very important reason. Socialization at young age is very important for personal development of any kid. If a human being does not spend enough time with family and friends, it can create strong psychological problems. A person will feel lonely and under pressure. Even if such a student has high grades, he will not be successful in life. He will lack many personal qualities that are important to achieve success. It is good to know that fine knowledge does not make a person a successful one automatically.
  • Tasks are really hard. Education system today makes everything to challenge pupils to resolve hard tasks. However, very often the hometasks are too hard. Students fall in despair they cannot handle much load and complicated tasks. Consequently, they start to feel hate to making homeworks at all. Such a feeling does not make a person inspired by studies.
  • Many tasks are not interesting. Pupils like to resolve tasks that really interest them. It is important to remember about it. No one wants to spend time on boring matters. It should challenge teachers to develop tasks that can be solved in an interesting manner. If a student has an interest in what he does, he will become passionate about a subject.
  • Short term of tasks preparation. Education programs at schools and colleges are quite intense. That is why teachers give lots of homework to complete in a very short period of time. It puts very much pressure of time. When a student sees too big workload, he loses interest at all. He decides to skip doing tasks. He doesn’t even try. It is the worst thing that can happen.
  • It is impossible to get enough sleep. This can lead to major health problems. A body that does not have enough sleep will never feel healthy and happy. That is why it is a bad idea to give pupils too much homework. If they give too much time to it, they will not get enough sleep.
  • Almost all assignments have to be accomplished alone. That is a very important reasons why homework should be banned. Students who spend too much time alone, find it extremely stressful. It is good to know that making homework together can make tasks accomplishment more interesting. A pupil can also socialize during it.
  • Parents are too busy to help with hometasks. Normally, parents should help students to handle workload. In the majority of cases they also don’t have time. They often forget to employ a tutor for a pupil. It makes pupils fail doing homework.
  • There is much distraction at home. It is one of the main reasons why making hometasks is hard for pupils. There is always something that happens at home. It distracts pupils from doing homework. House chores, family issues or outings, taking care of pets make students struggle to do homework in time. They find it more interesting to enjoy their time watching TV with their families.
  • Hometasks aim only to improve intellectual level. It is important to have knowledge. However, it is not less important to improve soft skills. Without them, success in life is almost impossible. That is why pupils hate doing homework. They do not see how it can help them.
  • Pupils need to take breaks for some time. Without breaks no learning process can be a success. If a load of homework is too big, students do not benefit from it. It makes them feeling stressed at the end of the scholar year.

Theses are the main reasons why hometasks should be banned. Such a decision is already discussed. It is possible very soon it will be taken. Then pupils will have time for other activities and socialization.


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