Top 5 Tips to Play Live Roulette Online

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Roulette is easily the most played of all table games in both offline and online casinos. The game is also among the oldest in the industry, with its entry in casino floors being traced back to the sixteenth century courtesy of Blaise Pascal. The game remained mainly in Europe up until the eighteenth century when it was spread to the rest of the globe during the French Revolution. The set was quickly adopted and had several variations created in numerous parts of the world thanks to the simple gameplay procedure that it applied while allowing an array of bet types. The mode of gameplay has remained the same ever since.

With the entry of live dealer games in 2006 on the online platform, roulette was among the first sets to be included on the platform. The popularity of live roulette online comes from the fact that it provides the experience of real-life gambling without the compromise of having to find a brick and mortar establishment. Gaming sessions are streamed live to punters from location-based studios complete with human dealers and actual game wheels.

Like all other casino games, roulette depends on the chance for wins, and its provision in live casinos does not change this element. During gameplay, players are required to stake on one of the wheel pockets depending on the one they think the small rotating ball win land in once it halts. To begin with, one should understand that the house always has a higher edge over the gambler. Therefore, the chances of losing are bigger than those of winning. Even so, being a table game, players are accorded the opportunity to influence odds in their favour. When indulging in live roulette, this guide provides five of the most effective practices to maximize the chances of winning.

Understand Live Roulette Odds

When playing the game, punters are allowed to place an array of bets, each of which carries different payout odds if a winning number is landed. The main categories the bet types are divided into are inside and outside bets. Inside bets are those placed on a single number of a small group of them. Outside bets, on the other hand, carry big groups of numbers. The payout odds of each of the wagers are as follows:

Bet European Roulette Odds in % American Roulette Odds in %
Straight 2.70 2.60
Split 5.4 5.3
Street 8.1 7.9
Corner 10.8 10.5
Six Lines 16.0 15.8
Black or Red 48.60 47.4
Odd or Even 48.60 47.4


As shown in the table, outside bets have a higher chance of being landed than inside bets. However, inside bets award a lot more in wins than outside bets. Players looking for big wins and are willing to take the risk can opt for the inside wagers while those ready to maximize on winning streaks can go for the outside ones.

Play European Roulette over the American Versions

American and European variations are the ones used as a basis for all other types on the web, the former coming second to the latter. European Roulette outweighs American with the application of better winning odds despite having been invented close to two centuries after the American version. The difference in stake demand is caused by the exclusion of the double zero pocket in the European Roulette, which leaves players with a higher chance of landing their selected number. Some of the options that live European Roulette is popularly used include:

Approach the Table with a Budget

Roulette gameplay pans out at a fast pace, which could cost players a lot of money if they don’t keep track of their bets. It is advisable to have a predetermined value in mind of how much one is going to spend. The set amount should be within the limits of what one can afford to lose without severely compromising other areas of their life. Once the set amount has depleted, the gamer should walk away and come back another day. Deeping back into the pocket for more funds in a bid to retrieve losses could end up costing even more.

Apply Betting Strategies

Roulette is loved for its allowance of skill application to beat the house. Over time, some strategies have cropped up on the best ways to increase the winning odds, the most popular of them being the Martingale Strategy. This mode of play demands the gambler double their bets when they lose and go back to the original value once a win is landed; this leaves gamblers with a high chance of gaining back their losses, and with a small profit on top. Other strategies that have worked for most players include:

  • Reverse Martingale
  • D’Alembert
  • Fibonacci
  • James Bond

Spread Bets

Punters have a better chance at bigger wins with more rounds. Dividing the amount set aside to small amounts allows the gambler to increase the rounds they play. For instance, with a budget of fifty dollars, one-dollar stakes last a lot longer than ten-dollar bets. Even though the wins collected in each round may not match those of ten dollars, they could end up being more in the long run due to the increased chances of landing a winning number.

The application of these strategies pays off in legitimate casinos. It is important for one to confirm the reliability of a gaming site before playing for real money by looking at its licensing information and any seals of approval from independent vetting bodies.


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