Toilet bowl races and more; You had to be there in Hampden

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(Shorty Davis was one of the judges in the toilet bowl race…only in B’more.)

“The Avenue” in Hampden rocked on Saturday. You name it and it was part of the gala festivities. The “toilet bowl” races, a “pudding eating contest,” a “Mac-Off competition,” and a match to honor the fastest “waiters,” were all on the schedule of events. Plus, there was plenty of music from top-of-line musicians to get your adrenalin moving. They provided virtually non-stop entertainment from three stages: “The Chestnut”, “The Atomic Books” and “The Avenue.” And, of course,  there were plenty of opportunities to buy some great products displayed along “The Avenue” by the merchants. As for the food and drinks: Think Bmore’s Best, Hon!

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Belting out a tune.
Belting out a tune.