The World of Gender Reveals

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When a couple finds out the sex of their baby, few things are more exciting. They want to share it with the world, but especially with their friends and family. Especially after over a year of potentially not being able to see one’s friends and family. (Come to think of it, maybe it was the isolation of a global pandemic that helped us get to the point where we’re talking about a gender reveal party!)


What Are Gender Reveal Celebrations?

Once the parents know the sex of their baby, one way couples have chosen to announce it is to host a party. They invite friends and family to a celebration of the coming child and their sex. A lot of people want to make a grand reveal with confetti, pyrotechnics, or smoke bombs. If the sex of the baby is male, you can buy a blue smoke bomb to announce it. On the other hand, if the sex of the baby is female, look into a pink smoke bomb. These methods can reveal the sex of the baby in a fun and grand way–especially after over a year in isolation from loved ones. 

What Were Gender Reveals Like 100 Years Ago?

Do you remember watching classic movies where the beaming father passed out cigars with the band that said, “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy?” What about driving around the neighborhood when you were a kid and seeing a gender-revealing stork in someone’s front yard? People have been celebrating the arrival of the newest member of the family for well over a century. It only makes sense that, as technology has advanced, so have our methods for announcing whether we’re having a boy or girl.

Gender Reveal Parties Are Fun For All Ages

One idea for your next gender reveal party is to purchase up a specially designed piñata. If you’re going to have a baby, you might end up buying more than one of these party favors in your lifetime! While piñatas used for children’s parties are usually filled with candy, gender reveal piñata will be filled with pink or blue confetti. You can let the children in your extended circle take a swing or, in the case of an adults-only party, you can find out just how much fun it is when grownups get to play with a piñata.

You Can Get Nerdy With It

You can count on geeks to take gender reveal celebrations to the next level. If you love Star Wars and you’re excited about expecting a baby, a Star Wars-themed gender reveal party might be just the thing for you. You can buy pink and blue lightsabers online; combine this with a pink or blue smoke bomb and you’ll have quite a party on your hands. There are also poké balls for Pokemon fans, dragon eggs for Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings fans, Game of Thrones gender reveal t-shirts, and an endless supply of ideas for cake decorating.

The Classic Burnout Reveal

Car, truck, and motorcycle fans seem to love the burnout reveal. The idea is that you rev your rear wheels and lay some rubber on the asphalt–just like a drag racer. Beforehand, you attach a bag to one of the tires. The color of powder that billows out tells everybody if it’s going to be a boy or a girl. The tip is to look for a non-toxic powder and make sure everybody has their cameras ready at the right moment.

Private Gender Reveal Celebrations

What about when you want to do a gender reveal among the immediate family? Don’t worry–there are plenty of ideas for this type of reveal, too. Pink and blue bath bombs are great for an intimate parents-only occasion, and they can also make for an exciting bath time reveal for the older brother- or sister-to-be. Scavenger hunt reveals are also great for keeping it in the family, as are private confetti parties and gender reveal balloons. Many families will hold a private celebration before a larger one for friends and extended family, although having a toddler keep a secret might be tough!