The trade war: Lessons from history

What will the impact of Trump’s trade war be? The world has held its breath while the President has picked an economic battle with Beijing – and the opening salvos have seen tariffs introduced by both superpowers, causing a number of big players on the Dow Jones feel the pinch in their supply chain.

What happens next will probably impact on us all – especially if matters escalate and tariffs drive up the cost of an increasing amount of imports – but can we learn anything from trade conflicts of the past?

Trading experts DailyFX have delved into key moments from the last 100 years to examine the impact on global exports and the Dow Jones. The timeline charts the period from the First World War to the current day, covering the Cold War, Gulf Wars and War on Terror as well as a number of lesser-known trade disputes that have sprung up in that period.

Click below to explore the timeline for yourself and pick up a few lessons from history for the present day.

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