The Queen of YouTube Keshia Rush and How She Gained 6 Million Subscribers

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The YouTube community has again witnessed some iconic moments over the past year, as well as new creators entering the world of video creation and amassing thousands of subscribers by posting vlogs, game videos, and beauty tutorials.

With a growing industry that seems overly saturated with tons of talented people day in and day out every year, it’s always a breath of fresh air when one artist truly takes you over and steals the hearts of fans. This is why we felt the need to speak to Youtube Queen Keshia Rush, who has amassed 6 million subscribers thanks to her amazing family content. It is one of the platform’s largest family YouTube channels dedicated to entertainment, toy reviews, giveaways, and general vlogging style videos. It’s great to see young people using this platform for fun and learning!

Keshia Rush is a YouTuber and CEO of Rush Entertainment Group. Keshia and her husband Tray Rush have three wonderful children: Cali Rush, Kirah Rush, Kameiro Rush. Her main YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers with millions of views.

Subscribers are eagerly awaiting her new exciting videos. She has one of the highest engagement rates of any other female YouTuber and receives millions of likes for every video. Even videos about gaming, pranks, travel vlogs, with millions of views. With such popularity, she is one of the female YouTubers to watch out for in 2022. She reached this milestone with a lot of effort and consistently creating unique content. This is how Keshia Rush has achieved tremendous success in recent years.

Keshia and Tray announce different challenges.

Challenges are always fun to watch because they deviate from typical video programming. Keshia knew this trick and keep her fans engage. It’s also fun to watch your favorite YouTuber do exciting challenges and dumb things because it’s fun.

Her life hacks are very creative.

From time to time, you need life hacks. Keshia has a lot of life hacks on the channel, which is very creative and easy to perform. By creating videos like these, she teaches her viewers what they might not know.

Her kids make toy reviews and gaming videos.

We all love to play games and watch videos. Keshia kids are such talented content creators. Her children Cali Rush, Kirah Rush, Kameiro Rush shoot game videos, discuss tricks, look at various toys and shoot funny videos. They also have their own game channel where videos of games and performances are uploaded.

Keshia’s reputation as the queen of YouTube has made her a very popular vlogger. Her videos are very creative and fun to watch. With such a stupid personality, Keshia’s success can only grow from now on.

Famous Tube Family videos are made up of toy reviews, vlogging-style videos, and kid-friendly content and pranks that are suitable for all ages. This is the perfect family channel for a fun and engaging viewing experience. She’s definitely worked incredibly hard and is very humble when she talks about it:

“I am grateful to everyone who has broadcast it so far, and I hope that it continues to connect with people, living its own life.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Youtube Queen Keshia Rush and her wonderful family, be sure to check out her YouTube and Instagram channels and stay up to date with important announcements and the latest videos by subscribing to her on social media below:

Instagram: @shortyisdope



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