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5 Best Software Solutions for Remote Work in 2021

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With more teams than ever working remotely, you might be experiencing weaker communication and collaboration than usual.

But research actually shows that employees who work from home are in better health and more productive than those who commute long distances, and over the past 15 years, the number of people working remotely has skyrocketed 173%.

So this work-from-home life might just be a trend that’s here to stay! However, no doubt you should arm yourself and your team with the best software out there.

With years of freelance remote work experience, I’m excited to take a deep dive today into the tools that have worked for my team and me. Hopefully, these tools can help you, too.

These products have streamlined our workflows and kept us efficient whether we’re inside or outside of the office.


First up, my best team communication tool goes hands down to Slack. Slack specializes in streamlining your team communication. If you are still using Skype or Whatsapp for work, I invite you to consider that it can be not that efficient as you can get easily distracted there.

As for Slack, it’s an amazing tool that you can use to communicate and collaborate with your team both instantly and efficiently.

Conversations can be organized into different channels for different subjects for an effortlessly uncluttered inbox.

Disk Drill

DiskDrill is premium quality data recovery software that saves tons of hassle and time. Disk Drill Data Recovery Toolkit allows you to restore all the lost files fast. More importantly, it doesn’t take much time to run this backup software and get the results you want.

Imagine how much hassle this handy security software could save you if you deleted your most important files by accident. Say no to such stress with the Best Backup Software for Mac! And yes, Disk Drill runs smoothly on Windows and Linux as well.

Kiss goodbye to all the worries associated with losing your files. The tool comes with different plans that can fit all kinds of budgets.

Zoom, Remo Conference, and MeetFox

Next, for my video calls and screen sharing needs, I rely on Zoom. Zoom has proven itself to be one of the most reliable tools out there for video calls and screen sharing with solid video quality and an intuitive interface.

Most video conferencing tools glitch, freeze, and lag, yet Zoom continues to stand head and shoulders above the alternatives. However, I do want to give a couple of shoutouts.

First is Remo Conference, a virtual platform for hosting interactive digital events featuring

keynote presentations, panels, and networking. This digital event space is easy to navigate with segmented round tables that instantly connect you to a shared video chat.

You can also monetize the conference with sponsors in banners, as well as run giveaways and promotions. Cha-ching!

I also want to shout out MeetFox for its all-in-one package that lets you coordinate meetings, run video conferencing, and send invoices with zero effort.

Goodbye grunt work!

Process Street

Next up, for no-code workflow management, I use Process Street. This is really decent productivity software. It’s basically super-powered checklists that walk your team through recurring processes.

This is a great tool for making all the processes within your teams and company fine-tuned and streamlined.

It enables you to automate workflows in a very easy and intuitive way. So you can prioritize tasks fast. In its turn, it results in better productivity and efficiency thanks to well-documented processes.

The tool gives you an opportunity to create custom process templates, which is really cool as well.

On top of that, you can assign tasks and even schedule recurring tasks if you need. It’s also possible to track progress from a handy and user-friendly dashboard.

Yeah, it can do it all. And they do have a free trial.

Google Drive and Icedrive

Last up, file management.

Of course, there’s always ol’ reliable Google Drive, which lets your team store files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and pretty much anything else in a single, secure location.

But I want to give an honorable mention to Icedrive, which makes cloud storage as secure as it is accessible with zero-knowledge, 256-bit Twofish encryption.

You can quickly drag and drop your files or upload them into the web app or mobile apps.

You can also mount the drive to your Windows desktop for all the functionality of an external

hard drive with version histories saved in the cloud. Then, share with your team using public links and direct user-to-user sharing.

I highly recommend this tool for teams of all sizes.

If you’d like to learn more about the best tools for integrations, password management, spreadsheet databases, screen recording, etc., let me know.

And share your thoughts on these remote work apps and software utilities in the comments below!

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