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Public Figure Taylor Perry Explains What it’s Like Working with Celebrities

As Scalp micropigmentation becomes more popular among men and women year after year, there will be more celebrities with scalp pigmentation in 2022. As Jamie Foxx (a well-known celebrity in movies such as Dreamgirls, Collateral, Ray and White House Down) follows the path of scalp micro pigmentation, the concept and benefits will no doubt reach more and more people. A lot of celebrities are trusting Taylor Perry for SMP treatment.

Fashion, style, and hair design trends are improvising every day. Invasive surgical hair replacement alternatives like hair transplants require surgery, and results are erratic. Whereas celebrities are using SMP with the help of Instagram Influencer Taylor Perry, a non-surgical procedure as their permanent solution for hair loss.

What are the most common side effects celebrities can have?

These are a few of the side effects that concern celebrities:

  • Swollen lymph nodes: All side effects of scalp micropigmentation are rare, but this is the most common side effect observed and can be classified as a real “side effect.” Sometimes the same problem has been reported in the tattoo industry. Lymph node enlargement is usually related to infections that may occur when using non-sterile or inappropriate pigments, but this is rare.
  • Redness: Most patients experience redness and swelling that appears immediately after treatment and usually disappear within a day or two.
  • Itchy scalp: Some clients report that the scalp feels itchy and tight after treatment. This usually begins after a few days and disappears again as the scalp heals. The natural healing process causes this as all the finely injured abdominal muscles and skin falls out. As celebrities are in the spotlight, they can have something like this for a single day.
  • Dots too large: After treatment, each spot is immediately covered by a small scab. These scabs contain pigments that look like oversized SMP spots. After 5-10 days, the scab begins to peel off, carrying a lot of pigment, leaving a smaller, lighter, and ultimately more realistic “hair follicle”.

These problems occur due to inexperience, but if you get it from a specialist like Taylor Perry, these are highly reduced.

Taylor Perry helps celebrities.

The idea of ​​pursuing SMP quickly occurred to Perry, and he researched the techniques used to create the most realistic hairline needle. His many years of tattooing techniques have made him an expert in color mixing, thus giving him an advantage. When the characteristics of the barber and tattoo artist clashed, Taylor learned that he had found his niche.

Helping celebrities cope with baldness has always been part of his job, and now he is entirely devoted to making them feel their best. “It is insane how happy people are once they sit in my chair—people cry from happiness because they cannot believe how good they look. It is a definite plus,” says Perry. “There are many emotions connected to this, and seeing people get emotional only makes me more passionate about what I do.”

Knowing most celebrities go into the process with some hesitation, Perry sits down with them and carefully takes them through the process. Once they have decided on the hairline placement together, he stops to show them the progress and educate them on what they are seeing. “People are nervous and worried it might hurt; it can be scary to get a permanent procedure,” Perry explains.

When operated by experienced specialists like Taylor Perry, SMP is much safer for celebrities than transplantation or unapproved hair loss drugs. The risk of infection and other side effects is shallow. Taylor performs treatment in a clean, disinfected room and uses high-quality natural pigments and fresh needles in each treatment that is why he is popular in celebrities for this treatment.

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