The Inside Scoop on BiPaP Machines

The portable BiPaP machine price for an average model will approximate between $800 to $1000, significantly higher than that of the CPAP models. CPAP therapy is used for patients who are diagnosed with OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. This treatment provides continuous airflow at a pressure which is fixed. BiPaP is bi-level air pressure which is delivered at a variable rate. BiPaP is for those who have been diagnosed with CSA or central sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is breathing difficulties people experience during their sleep cycles and the different diagnoses are the varying ways in which their breathing is affected. The CPAP and the BiPaP administer treatment according to how the disorder dictates.

BiPaP Treatment

While portable BiPaP machine price is significantly more than that of CPAP, BiPaP is at times seen as a last resort treatment for individuals who suffer from OSA and have had no success with their CPAP machines. There are numerous benefits associated with using a BiPaP machine for the treatment of sleep apnea.

  • BiPaP is proven to be effective. It won’t cure CSA because there is no outright cure for the diagnosis, but BiPaP is deemed to be most effective for treatment for people with the condition.
  • The BiPaP machines have proven to be user-friendly and easy for individuals to operate particularly with the newer and most advanced models that are on the market today.
  • These machines are lightweight and very portable with weights that come in under seven pounds and can easily fit within most types of bags or carry-on suitcases if you are traveling.
  • There is a broad range of BiPaP machines on the market beginning at your basic lower-price-point units all the way up to the state-of-the-art systems with a much more elevated expense.

Included With A Standard BiPaP Machine

When you purchase your BiPaP machine there are components that will be included in the portable BiPaP machine price.

  • The airflow generator will be cased within a little box having a motorized fan. This draws air in from the room and pressurizes it returning modified airflow to the patient by way of the mask.
  • This connective hose attaches to the generator and then to the face mask measuring at approximately 6” or longer in length.
  • There are some BiPaP machines that offer either detachable or built-in humidifiers warming the water that was humidifying the air prior to sending it back to the patient by way of the mask.
  • Filter. The filter is going to stop the dust and allergens in contaminating any of the air. The BiPaP machine filter is removable and can typically be cleaned or replaced if needed.

The mask for a BiPaP machine is not included in the portable BiPaP machine price. This is something that is sold separately and is available in many different styles and shapes.

If a BiPaP machine is not successful with your CSA or proves to be insufficient in your treatment, it will be critical for you to return to your doctor to look for alternatives to reduce your nighttime sleep disruption.