The Comedy Capitals of the World

We all love a laugh. But it seems some cities certainly do more than others. While comedians come from all over the world, they hone their craft only in certain areas. Cities in which comics flock to in order to test their material and try out new routines.

For comedy fans, it makes these cities ideal places to flock to, and after the few years we’ve just had, we should be heading to them in our droves to cheer ourselves up.

So, where are the comedy capitals of the world?

New York

New York is a city that has dozens of comedy clubs and every night there are both megastars and up-and-comers taking to the stage.

Major acts such as Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer and Joan Rivers hail from New York, while the likes of Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman and many more have all found fame through doing the New York comedy scene.

The Comedy Cellar is one of the standout venues in the city, which offers up around six shows a night and has been one of the most popular spots for comics since the early 1980s.

Las Vegas

Similarly to New York, given that Las Vegas is a city of entertainment it is only natural that you see comedians flock there in their droves.

Sin City has long welcomed comics into the casino theatres and clubs, with many enjoying residencies, just as musicians do.

One man who has been a mainstay on the Las Vegas circuit is Brad Garrett, notable for his time in Everybody Loves Raymond.

Vegas has always been a playground and you get a different crowd to anywhere else. It’s full of people straight in from the slots and other casino games, where they will be either highly jubilant or feeling a little “down on their luck”. Similar to a slot or online slot, you never quite know what you’re going to get in terms of audience. That’s what makes it such an intriguing place for comics to visit.

Among the main clubs to visit in the city includes, the Comedy Cellar, Bonkerz Comedy Club and LA Comedy Club’s Dragon Room.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is undoubtedly the home of US comedy and we’re leaving the country here before moving on to other comedy capitals.

The likes of Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, and many, many more, with The Comedy Store being perhaps the most notable club in the city.

To this day it’s a venue where comics try to get their break and many TV execs turn up to, to try and catch the next big thing.


In the UK, it’s London that sees the most action on a day-to-day basis when it comes to live comedy. There are dozens of great comedy clubs in the likes of Soho and Leicester Square and you’ll find many TV acts working on material at them.

The Comedy Store is a big venue in the UK capital, while the Soho Theatre is also a brilliant venue for live comedy, with many big names having residencies there across the year.

You can also head into the suburbs where you’ll find regular comedy nights in pubs and back rooms, all worth enjoying.


For a month each year, Edinburgh becomes the comedy capital of the world. The Scottish capital welcomes the Fringe Festival in August and thousands of acts travel to thrill crowds.

Comedy and art takes over all the city’s theatres and clubs, while huge tents and marquees cover the famous parks as the castle looms down over them. During that summer month, there’s nowhere better on the planet to go out and have a laugh.