The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International: Impacting Lives and Inspiring Positive, Sustainable Change

Led by the visionary Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International is on a mission to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in poor communities and those recovering from tragedy.

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) is a faith-based non-governmental humanitarian organization founded and operated under the vision and leadership of the esteemed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Under the guidance of Pastor Chris, the foundation aspires to build, strengthen and support local and global communities and to help individuals achieve their God-given destinies. COFI seeks to help the most vulnerable people living in some of the poorest countries around the world improve their circumstances and quality of life.

COFI’s Mission and Partners

COFI seeks to advance its humanitarian mission through the sponsorship of five outstanding partner agencies: InnerCity Mission for Children, Trauma Care International Foundation, Volunteer Medical Corps, Future Africa Leaders Foundation and the Bible For All Mission. Each of these organizations promotes positive, tangible change within the communities they serve.

COFI has identified four key areas of focus for its operations: healthcare, early childhood education and development, youth leadership development and engagement, and family strengthening and livelihood. The foundation’s emphasis in these areas enables it to make an impact on as many lives as possible. The goal is to strengthen individuals and families, upon which our communities and nations are built.

By providing foundational and systematic support, COFI aspires to improve the lives of countless children and adults across Africa and beyond. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been a long-time advocate of investing in educational and leadership opportunities for youth. The InnerCity Mission for Children, under the auspices of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation, operates nursery and primary schools for children living in poverty conditions within urban cities. They also provide for the nutritional needs of children through their meal programs. The organization’s active Humanitarian Volunteer Network works on the ground to make the lives of children and their families better.

The Future Africa Leaders Foundation (FALF) is an initiative that seeks to identify, nurture and celebrate young leaders across the continent. FALF youth ambassadors have led initiatives to improve the lives of people within their communities and nations.

COFI believes that all people should have access to quality healthcare – which contributes to improved quality of life and extended life expectancy rates. COFI’s partners Trauma Care International Foundation and the Volunteer Medical Corps provide poor communities that lack access to resources with preventative health screenings, medical services, and supplies. These organizations sponsor blood donation campaigns and eye-screening clinics for hundreds of people. Their education, training and advocacy work also contribute to the long-term health of communities.

The foundation responds swiftly to natural and man-made disasters, providing physical and spiritual support to the victims and survivors. COFI’s initiatives have provided much-needed relief and lifesaving medical treatments. The foundation supported a relief mission to areas affected by Tropical Cyclone Idai and the devastating flooding in its aftermath. Survivors were in dire need of food, medical supplies and treatment, and basic necessities for sanitation and personal hygiene which were delivered by COFI and its partners.

Humanitarian Aid in Action

Last year, when catastrophic flooding caused a humanitarian crisis in Nigeria, the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International responded with relief aid to many who lost their homes, property, and livelihood to the floodwaters. During the intervention, which started in Niger State, the organization reached over 1,000 impoverished families with life-saving relief supplies and aid. COFI’s sponsored partners provided medical services, food rations, clean drinking water, clothing, and blankets, as well as personal hygiene products.

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation’s partners have organized and sponsored Hope Relief Missions to offer assistance and relief to refugees and displaced persons in many countries, including those from Nigeria and South Sudan. One mission provided food security intervention to needy families in the Bakassi Internally Displaced Persons Camp – one of the largest in Nigeria.

Earlier this year, COFI and its partners organized a humanitarian mission to the Magaten Refugee Camp in South Sudan where civil unrest has forced tens of thousands of citizens from their homes and communities. With many refugee camps sustaining on the generosity of aid organizations and the goodwill of others, these missions provide residents with food rations packaged for families, educational resources and support services, medical supplies and assistance, clean water kits, personal hygiene kits, and psychological support and hope.

COFI – Inspiring Hope and Sharing Love

In addition to providing physical relief for those affected by disasters of this magnitude, the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation also offers spiritual guidance and support. When a building housing a nursery school collapsed in Lagos, Nigeria earlier this year, Pastor Chris visited the relief tent set up by the foundation and led the survivors and families of the victims in prayer to comfort them in their time of grief.

On all relief missions sponsored by COFI, the organization distributes the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional Bible, offering the healing and loving Word of God to those most in need. The bible has been translated and printed in thousands of languages, making God’s message accessible to millions of people worldwide.

Giving Every Life Value

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International would not be successful without the of thousands of volunteers who dedicate their time, skills and energy to ensure impoverished, vulnerable people are given access to the resources and opportunities that will allow them to succeed and thrive. It is out of compassion and a sense of duty that these volunteers devote so much of themselves to the service of the Lord through their kind acts. Pastor Chris and the Foundation are grateful and indebted to these selfless volunteers.

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International is impacting thousands of lives in invaluable ways. By supporting initiatives that promote sustainable development, the organization hopes that its efforts will create positive, lasting change. From food and shelter to the inspiring Word of God, COFI is offering aid and support to individuals, families, and communities, giving them the chance to experience true hope and a better life.

Please visit the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International website if you are interested in learning more about their work, supporting their initiatives, or volunteering with one of their partner organizations.