The Best Tanning Beds and Tanning Lotions on the Market

Tanning is a process wherein the skin is exposed to UV light to make it look darker. For Americans, the best way to do it is going to the beach and staying under the sun to tan. However, others prefer indoor tanning instead because it is fast and it will provide them with their preferred result.

Tanning beds are invented because of the rising demand for indoor tanning, and there are salons in the United States that offer this service. Before you step inside a tanning bed, read further to discover its benefits and some of the risks involved when using the machine.

What are the benefits of tanning beds?

Many establishments that offer tanning bed services are pointing out that using these beds would have a positive effect on someone’s health. One of the best health benefits that can be obtained from using tanning beds is the production of vitamin D. The level of vitamin D inside the body increases, especially for those who are frequently using the machine.

Vitamin D is important to the body because it helps develop a stronger immune system. For those who are living in places where it is too difficult to receive sunlight, the tanning bed serves as a solution to their problem.

What are the risks involved in using tanning beds?

Staying inside a tanning bed for longer periods would result in excessive UV radiation that can eventually damage the skin. One of the worst things that could happen to someone who happens to use the tanning bed more often is the development of skin cancer.

This is the same issue faced by those who lack melanin inside their skin but loves to stay under the sun for too long. If you wanted to use the tanning bed, make sure that you will be visiting the salon in moderation, and avoid using the tanning beds frequently if you do not want your skin to suffer.

Keep in mind, tanning beds are completely different than spray tans. Many tanning enthusiasts often wonder, how long does a spray tan last? Certainly, not as long as a tan from a tanning bed, so if you’re going to engage in a tanning program, be sure to understand the benefits involved.

What are the best indoor tanning beds in the market today?

1. Solar Storm 24S

The Solar Storm 24S will guarantee anyone that they will have a summer bronze glow after using the equipment. This is one of the best tanning beds in the market, and it can accommodate tall people because it is spacious.

One of the advantages of using the Solar Strom 24S is that it has two dozen high-efficiency lamps, a larger surface for tanning, sturdy frames made from aluminum, and it supports regular household power output.

The only disadvantage of this tanning bed is that your skin can develop sunburn if you are careless and did not pay attention to the settings. The best feature of this tanning bed is that it can provide even tanning for everyone, making it a favorite by reviewers online.

2. Solar Wave 16 RL

The Solar Wave 16 RL is the most affordable tanning bed in the market today. Many people are tempted to buy this tanning bed because it is priced significantly lower compared to other competitors in the industry. It has a moderately-sized tanning surface, and it can be used at home.

Some of the advantages of using the Solar Wave 16 RL is its affordable price, a detailed instruction manual that makes it easier to assemble, its durability, and its compact nature.

The disadvantage of using the Solar Wave 16 RL is that tall people would not be able to fit inside, because of its smaller size.

The best feature of this tanning bed is that it is easier to handle, and you can operate it even without technical knowledge about tanning beds. This product is highly recommended especially if you are on a budget.

3. Solar Storm 24 R

The Solar Storm 24 R is the most powerful tanning bed in the market, and it has a moderately-sized tanning surface where most people can fit. The tanning bed was created using the latest technology, and it is considered as the king of all tanning beds.

The advantage of using this tanning bed is that it has a spacious interior, and it is powerful. This tanning bed is also durable, and it can be cleaned easily. It has a lifetime frame warranty. However, one of the drawbacks of using this tanning bed is that the electrical outlet is not designed for 110-V sockets.

What are the top 3 lotions used for tanning beds?

1. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

This tanning bed lotion provides tattoo protection, which is why many people consider applying this when using the tanning bed. When you use the tanning bed without protecting your tattoo, you will notice that the colors could eventually fade.

Aside from its tattoo protection capability, this lotion also produces a fragrant scent and it will make you feel comfortable while inside the tanning bed. Using this regularly can also reduce the signs of aging, as well as reducing cellulite on the body.

2. Millennium Tanning Insanely Black Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion

Using Millennium Tanning Insanely before going inside the tanning bed would result in deep tan. The tanning effect can be achieved in a short period, and anyone can use this product without any side effects. The product has an active ingredient called silicone emollient, and it can produce a healthy and glowing skin that is smooth to the touch. You will instantly notice the difference after you apply this lotion.

3. Australian Gold Jwoww Black Bronzer Dark Tanning Lotion

This product was designed for people who wanted to get their tans in a shorter period, and it can make your skin darker while hydrating it effectively.


Using the tanning bed for instant tanning can produce a healthy-looking bronze skin, while at the same time, increasing the amount of vitamin D inside the body. However, use it in moderation to avoid serious health problems like skin cancer.

Make sure that you will only use the tanning bed once in a while, or you can also ask the dermatologists for their recommendation.