Liza Jane announces the release of her second album

The emotive singer-songwriter from Key West, Florida, Liza Jane is about to wow fans with something new

Having gone through an evolutionary music experience in recent years, Liza Jane announced that in Late December 2019, her second album will be released. Her first album, “We can start a fire” was a success and has attracted many positive comments from renowned musicians, for example: “Liza Jane has a unique, soulful voice… and I think it’s something you could hear on alternative pop charts. Liza is on a great track, doing some really cool things.”-Brent long, tour manager (brad paisley).

Who is Liza Jane?

Liza Jane Catana was born in Key West, Florida in 1998 and began singing at the age of 2. She was the only soprano vocalist ever to win the Florida state district level vocal competition with a “superior-plus” rating. She is majoring in classical voice performance at Belmont University in Nashville and is true to her motto – “Music is My Life”.

Causes she cares for: Liza Jane has a passion for humanitarian issues such as homelessness among veterans and the prevention of suicide in cases of depression and anxiety. She serves as a role model for many. She is currently a member of the Nashville opera guild where she volunteered for the Nashville opera association.

A personal evolution through music:

At the age of 10, she wrote her first original song titled “Go back to California”. Liza Jane was only 11 when she was invited to perform at the historic St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Key West, Florida. Later at 13, she wrote “Where are you now” which was recorded in NYC. As an American with Italian roots, she appeared in front of audiences in Florence and Rome, Italy.

At 16 she released her first album in Nashville. More recently she crossed paths with the renowned vocal coach Gary Catona from Los Angeles, CA with whom she is now studying. Catona has coached celebrities such as Whitney Houston, Katy Perry, Steven Tyler, and Andrea Bocelli.

Music with an emotional honesty that touches the soul:

She released a very emotional song “Asleep” that is a favorite with fans. “Asleep” was motivated by her personal experience with depression and anxiety: Liza serves as a remarkable example of how people can fight back against depression and still be top achievers in life. Liza stands tall with other singers on the issue: Adele, Demi Lovato, Zayn Malik, Selena Gomez, Kanye West, Olly Alexander, SIA, Beyonce and Lady Gaga were just a few who are known to either have raised awareness or who were personally battling the illness.

“Alone in a crowd” is another deeply touching single – which is already out on streaming sites and amassed near 100K views on Youtube in a very short time. Her other single “people these days” is also streaming, with more releases of singles to follow soon.

A truly versatile artist:

Music lovers will agree that Liza possesses a booming, sultry, soulful voice that makes her music vulnerable and powerful at the same time. Considering the wide variety of music types she performed, at her young age, Liza Jane is one of the most versatile singers: from choir to rock, pop and even prestigious jazz venues, Liza has experienced it all. She has managed to captivate audiences from all demographics thanks to this great versatility and rich experience she shares with fans.

Over the next few months and years, she will no doubt be releasing more albums – and fans can stay up to date in several ways.

How to be notified about Liza Janes’ events and future albums: