What is a ‘We Buy Houses Company’?

In the real estate market, there are probably numerous things that you’ve heard, one of them is the contradictory topic of a “we buy houses” company. However, people don’t usually know that there are more benefits to selling or buying a home through one of these companies and in this guide we’re going to get down to business so you can see just some of the benefits that you can receive by buying or selling through one of these companies. We’ll also tell you a bit about what a “we buy houses” firm really is.

Don’t Be Confused by Real Estate Agencies

Most agencies will do everything they can to say that a home buying agency is going to just purchase your home and selling it for a much higher value. The truth is, by offering the cash as is, these people actually buy homes from a seller, and then they turn around and sell it. Of course they have to make a little bit of profit, but it’s not as much as people think. When people “flip” homes, they often also do repairs and a lot more in order to increase the value of the home. With a we buy houses company, you can get what you deserve and then your home will be sold at the appropriate value.

Are they Scams?

No, a we buy houses agency is not a scam. While there are many out there that claim to be, and sure, you definitely need to keep your eyes and ears peeled, there are a lot of benefits for the price of the money you want to actually get in your hands.

What Benefits Do They Offer?

There are so many benefits that you can get by going through one of these companies. You can avoid numerous fees that you would have to pay, such as hiring realtors, inspectors, appraisers, and more. What you’ll be doing is selling your home as-is, by doing so, you get the money you truly deserve.

For sellers, when you go with a real estate agency, they’ll often make their own inspectors, repairmen, and that if you don’t get your home sold after a certain time frame, then you won’t get as much out of the deal. By using a professional we buy houses agency, you can get a detailed offer stating the worth of your home, and then the company tries to buy it for you from that exact price.


If you need to buy a house today or even if you’re wanting to sell your home, a we buy houses company is the way to go, especially in today’s market with the fluctuating and growing economy. If you have a debt that you need to consolidate, own an empty home, or just need to get rid of your property fast, you can sell it to Mason Buys Houses, and you can even purchase quality homes through them at excellent resell prices that are far less than what a real estate agency is going to charge you for all of the extra fees that you would normally have to pay.

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