TeuxDeux: Plan your days a week at a time

Last week I started to write an article about how to-do-lists no matter how many to-do-lists I try, none of them ever seem to fit the way that I work.  Well, I deleted that blog when I found TeuxDeux (free), the perfect to-do-list for the way I work (a week at a time).

I always hesitate when recommending a to-do-list because everybody works different and therefore likes different ways of keeping to-do-lists. TeuxDeux allows you to keep a day-to-day list of all the things that you need to do for everyday of the week.  If you did not get something done that day then you can very easily drag it to tomorrow or later in the week.

This allows you to keep very organized and it keeps me focused on things that I need done that day.  The last feature that I like the most is the Someday section on the to-do-list, that allows you to save items on your list to do when you have a bit of extra time.  Nothing in the world feels better than putting a line through items on your to-do-list.

The one thing that all to-do-lists miss that TeuxDeux does not, is making a to-do-list for the whole week compared to just having a long list of things that can at times seem daunting and not manageble.  TeuxDeux does a good job of letting you plan out your days and focus on things that are needed to be done that day.  If you ever don’t get a item on your list done, dont worry TeuDeux will move it to the next day for you.

TeuxDeux has a very nice online website where you can login and add or edit things on your list, as well as a iPhone app that allows you to easily access your to-do-list on the go.  TeuxDeux offers all of these features for free and does not have any paid plans on their website.

If you are looking for a great way to plan out your week and organize what you have to do for each day, then I would recommend TeuDeux.