Take the Frustration Out of Holiday Planning and Book Travel Insurance First

The whole purpose of planning a holiday is to be able to unwind and relax for a little bit. Although that’s the end game, getting to the actual break can almost be more stressful than it’s worth if you don’t plan ahead correctly. A lot can happen between when you book your trip and the actual departure date. Using that time between wisely can save you from a big headache if something unexpected comes up. Here’s why you should get travel insurance first in order to keep the frustration related to trip planning to an absolute minimum.


How do you know when to buy trip insurance?

That’s a very simple and straightforward answer. As soon as you make the deposit on your trip, you should also be purchasing your trip insurance. Before you even do your Google search for “things to do in Corinth, MS” or wherever you’re headed, you should make sure the trip is fully or at least partially covered in case something goes awry.

Many insurance companies need you to pay for trip insurance in a short window of time after your plans are made—between ten and fourteen days—in order for your coverage to be effective. It’s tempting to wait on spending more money after you booked your trip, but it’s very necessary. Before putting any money down on the trip, make sure you’ve budgeted for the insurance as well.

Why is travel insurance so important?

You may not ever get to use your travel and accommodations, because of illness or a natural disaster. Insurance ensures that you don’t lose all of the money you put into your travel. Also, if you’re planning on traveling out of your native country, depending on where you’re from, your travel insurance is just as important as your passport.

You might not get sick before the trip, but if you end up needing any kind of medical attention while in a different country, you could be personally liable for all of those bills if you aren’t covered. If you avoided buying trip insurance, because you wanted to save money, you could end up paying thousands of dollars more by not giving yourself and your family a safety net.

Do I have to buy everything at once in order to be covered?

Many people buy their hotels before booking a flight. If you’re not ready to purchase a plane ticket, that’s not a problem, because you can always add plane tickets to your insurance later. It’s better to round up when making your insurance plan. You can always get your money refunded from your plan if your trip isn’t as expensive as you thought.

How do you get the best coverage for your needs?

No two insurances are alike, so it’s best to do your research and shop around. To compare policies and get travel insurance now, visit iSelect. Using iSelect can give you and your family an idea of the best travel insurance Australia has to offer you. Wondering if the plan you’re looking at covers loss of cash or travel documents? What happens if your flight gets canceled or delayed? Will your insurance help you then? Parsing through your options with iSelect will answer all of your questions and more.

Leaving a trip up to chance can be both nerve-wracking and potentially dangerous. It’s a much more responsible and less frustrating choice to just get travel insurance right off the bat. That way you’ll be covered if something happens before or during your journey. Buy your insurance quickly after making your plans, so you can rest easy and enjoy the lead up to your holiday.