Sunday In New York

Sunday In New York
Carroll Coates/Peter Nero
Arrangement: Alex Smith/Steve Kortyka
(C) 2017 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Trumpeter, singer, and Lady Gaga band leader Brian Newman releases “Sunday In New York” — his first single since signing with Verve Records.  Newman’s forthcoming debut solo album will showcase the diversity and originality of his musical signature.

New York on Sunday,
Big City taking a nap!
Slow it down, it’s Sunday!
Life’s a ball, let it fall right in your lap!
If you’ve got troubles,
Just take them out for a walk.
They’ll burst like bubbles
At the thought of a Sunday In New York!
And you can spend time without spending a dime,
And watching people watch people pass!
And later you’ll pause, and in one of those stores
There’s that face next to yours in the glass!
Two hearts stop beating,
You’re both too breathless to speak!
Love smiles her greeting,
And the dream that has seen you thru the week
Comes true on Sunday In New York!

Sure you can take a short nautical break they got boats by the shore for hire
And if you get cold you just hurry on home you get cozy and warm by the fire
By Monday morning you’ve both agreed it was fate
As day comes dawning if you can’t pick the spot or set the date
You met on Sunday
New York on Sunday
So make it Sunday in New York

Lede photo: Central Park, New York City (Pixabay)

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  • March 6, 2019 at 3:51 PM

    That’s really a good motivational poem, Loved it very much. Thank you for sharing the post

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