Summer Walker Plastic Surgery Rumor Has Denver Comparing Celebrity to Lil Kim

An American singer and songwriter had her fans and the rest of Instagram with their mouths hanging open recently. Summer Walker had plastic surgery once again, or so it seems. She is sporting a new look and people aren’t sure how they feel about it.

The singer was seen in Khalid’s music video for his track ‘Eleven’ a while back and now she’s back, with some cosmetic work done apparently.

She took to Instagram to promoter her much-anticipated EP and showed off a white jumpsuit that reveals her many gorgeous curves. She promised her music would be coming soon, but that’s not what got people talking.


Summer Walker Nose Job

It was Summer’s nose that had tongues wagging. The snaps in which Summer is looking really beautiful with make-up done by Nikita Dragun, also showed that she possibly had work done on her nose. People can’t miss the fact that Summer looks a lot like singing superstar Lil Kim.

It is very likely that she paid a visit to the best plastic surgeon Denver citizens know and trust like Boulder Valley. Of course, the lady in question hasn’t really responded to the rumors yet.

Fans Are Not Impressed That Summer Walker Had Plastic Surgery

Summer’s followers started commenting on her appearance almost immediately. While many of them thought she looked amazing, others were in shock. Remarks such as ‘This isn’t the Summer Walker we know’ and ‘We miss the old Summer’ came flooding in on the singer’s Instagram and even on Twitter.

Not Summer’s First Time Under The Knife

UrbanIslandz reports that back in February, there were rumours that Summer had gotten a nose job. Now people are talking about such an operation again, convinced she’s trying to look like Lil Kim.

Summer has previously admitted to having plastic surgery. HelloBeautiful reports that she has in the past being honest about ‘being into’ plastic surgery by getting her behind worked on. 

And according to, Summer has been vocal about going under the knife to change her body when she was an exotic dancer. However, she has not been as open about anything that may, or may not, have been done in more recent times.

Surgery Gone Wrong?

Fans are upset about Summer’s apparent nose job for two reasons. One, she looks very different. Two, it may be a botched job, judging by an Instagram Live video.

The R&B singer decided to interact with her fans on Instagram Live but all they could focus on was her nose. As reported by AceShowbiz, it looked like Summer’s nostrils were collapsing. 

But given her fame and fortune, Summer would go to the best plastic surgeons in Denver and Boulder. She wouldn’t go to a surgeon who could mess up her good looks – she’s got a thriving career and how she looks matters a lot.

Summer’s nostrils seem to be folding in on each other, unfortunately, and fans think it’s because of the rumoured cosmetic surgery. In addition, they noticed that a deep crease was developing on her nose, which looked weird.


The 24-year-old’s fans shared their concerns on social media and some even compared her to the late singer Micheal Jackson. Folks are even worried that this surgery gone wrong could negatively impact her career, perhaps even end it. 

Previous Lawsuit

Word on the street is that Summer is suing a plastic surgeon for a previous procedure on her face. The procedure, which cost $500 000, was done earlier and in March it was reported that she claimed her face was ruined. More details about this legal battle have not yet surfaced.

Low Self-Esteem?

Summer’s admirers fear that it is her low self-esteem that is the driving force behind her cosmetic undertakings. She was certainly a beautiful young woman when we got introduced to her, but like many women, she didn’t feel attractive enough.

Her fans adore her but Hollywood can be a harsh and judgemental place. Perhaps Summer wanted to tweak her appearance just a little bit but went a tad overboard.

Accusations Of Going Too Far

Many people are saying that Summer is unrecognizable and that she has to stop with the plastic surgery already. Her Instagram photos got the attention of many, and they are not happy with her.

People feel that Summer is just changing too much in her face and that she is setting a bad example for her young fans. Many even say that she no longer looks as lovely as she used to.

VergeCampus reports that comments such as “Sis don changed her whole face” could be spotted in the comments section of her photos on Instagram.

Maybe It Wasn’t Surgery After All

Despite the drastic change in Summer’s appearance, there are many of her fans who think she didn’t go near a knife. They think it was just really good make-up that made Summer look so much like Lil Kim.

As we briefly mentioned, Nikita Dragun did Summer’s make-up and she is known for doing magic with her make-up. She is able to do such good work on noses that it looks like plastic surgery had a role to play.

It is quite possible that Summer roped in Nikita’s skill and really didn’t have any surgery again. As for the ‘collapsing nostrils’ in the Instagram Live video, that could have been a trick of light or camera glitch.


While we can’t for sure say that Summer really did go under the knife, we have a suggestion for anyone looking to get work done. Do yourself a massive favor and visit only the best plastic surgeons in Colorado. Professionals with a good reputation that can guarantee your satisfaction and safety.

Die-Hard Fans Will Support Summer No Matter What

Although the press and critics may hate on Summer for a nose job that she may have gotten, her loyal fans are standing by her. You can see this when scrolling through her Instagram comments. Support is shown big-time, reflecting the love that Summer’s fans feel for her.