T1 Tact Watch Brand Reviews CoronaVirus Safe Features of SmartWatch

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The CoronaVirus has had many effects on our lives, causing chaos and fear all over the world. Worry about being safe and germ-free has placed a new focus on the way we live our lives. You may be wondering what that has to do with watches, and you’d be surprised. 

A study by the University of Arizona found that cell phones can have 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. That’s disgusting and unsafe, especially with Covid19 still claiming thousands of lives. However, many of us still have meetings to hold and schedules to stick to. Keeping track of time is still as relevant as ever; if sometimes only to remind us that life goes on. Since your phone could be a mobile germ breeding ground, using a watch may be a much safer option. That is; if you’re using the right watch, such as a T1 Tact Watch.

T1 Tact Watch Review – What Features Can You Expect?

Military wrist-wear inspired and tactical smartwatches – that is how the watches by T1 are described by various blogs. To be sure, these watches are made to last and serve their users well with many useful features. In a time when the dreaded virus has us concerned for our health, our watches should be the least of our worries.

Fortunately, the T1 Tact watches do not disappoint.


Most importantly, the watch range from this American brand can be cleaned to ensure safe use. The Midnight Diamond, for example, is waterproof up to 50 meters. The watchband is made of diamond-like carbon silicone as well. You can easily wipe the watches from this brand with a sanitizer and it will continue to work. If you want to be very sure, you can even leave them in a layer of sanitizing solution for a few minutes. This way, you’ll know your smartwatch is clean and germ-free.


While you may not expect to head to a desert any time soon (unless you’re already there), you still want a dust-proof watch. That is what you get from T1 Tact Watch. Why does this matter? Well, this feature means that not even very small particles will make their way into your watch. Although this cannot be confirmed yet, many fear that Covid19 can hide in very small spaces. With this watch, you don’t have to stress about that.

Record Media

With this clever watch, you can record audio, videos and take photos. Although not really related to your hopes in keeping this scary virus away, this is still a great feature. Who knows when you may need to save ‘evidence’?

Stay In Contact

Thanks to the connectivity of the T1 Tact Watches, you can still communicate with your loved ones who aren’t with you during this difficult time. If some are in hospital, keeping track of their health is important. You can make sure that you have access to your loved ones with the messaging notification abilities of these watches. They also alert you of new Direct Messages on social media.

Sleep Monitor – Unexpected Benefit

Covid19 affects our lungs and breathing, so if you feel concerned about your health, you can do something about it. The smart monitoring feature of the T1 watches records sleep date and you can use this to see if your breathing isn’t as it should be. Better to be aware of any issues before they become problems.

As is clear from this T1 tact watch review, there are any more features that make these watches a great investment during this time in history. We’ve covered the most important ones so you can have an idea of what makes the T1 watches so effective.

Using Smartwatches To Combat The CoronaVirus

Germany has been a winner when it comes to taking on the virus that has the world in a panic. Despite having a great many numbers of virus 19 cases, Germany has managed to keep deaths to a minimum. Clearly, the country is doing something right. Now, they want to help the world.

Germany’s public health authority has partnered with Thryve, a Berlin-based Healthtech startup, and launched a brand-new smartwatch app. This app will collect data related to the virus and make it easier to monitor people’s conditions. It is available in the Google Play and App Stores.

While The T1TW  review on smart watch features to have during the Coronavirus  pandemic elaborate on the current “Midnight Diamond” model, there’s a thermometer smartwatch coming soon.   The wearable technology will keep users abreast of their body temperature, alerting them of sudden changes.    A jump in temperature is one of the first signs of having the Covid-19 virus.  This is thought to be an easy way to save lives and a really good product for parents to buy their kids.

What Will Be Monitored?

The Corona Data Donation App will collect information such as age, postcode, and sex. Body temperatures, average pulse and other info collected during sleep will be saved with the use of the app. This information will remain anonymous and will help to map hotspots of the virus. The app will also help keep a record of the virus once social distancing is over.

The data will help to prevent large outbreaks and could lead to the saving of many lives. Even the Head of Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, feels that conclusions can be made about how the virus is spread if the information is used correctly.

T1 Tact Watch Review- Final Verdict

It is clear that technology is our friend at this time, as it is meant to be. With the use of these feature-rich watches, it is possible that the horrible virus that is disrupting the whole world can be tamed, even just a little bit at a time.

Avoid fakes by all costs however.   This is an exclusive American brand. They only offer their product via website, T1TactWatch.com .  The counterfeit smart watches, usually from Far East world countries,  are said to have dangerous lead toxins in the product.  These fake watches do not have quality control checks nor laws which prevent certain materials from being used.  Saving a few dollars is no worth damaging your health.