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Succeeding as a Multipotentialite

Staying in the limelight is often assumed as fan love, party, and headlines. Rich and famous are the new codes of happiness. Some people are obsessed with success, while some take it entirely differently. For them, success lies in the courage and risking life to make things better. Some try to show themselves in the pages of magazines or television reality shows. While some do it for others. It gives them the utmost satisfaction to make things easier for others. To be a role model and set targets for others.

The drive for fame ignites the wish to be recognized by the greatest number. Today, success is measured by the ability to talk about oneself. Many of us are not obsessed with success. Fame freaks have an oversized ideal self. This ideal self, which appears around 3 or 4 years old in everyone, underlies ambition. It is, therefore, necessary to accomplish one’s life goals. But if one sets out to determine most psychic life, to the point where exhibitionist and megalomaniac tendencies take over, then an individual is set for the race for success.

Jermaine Melvin (Courtesy photo)

Sometimes success is required to fill a gap. It is the narcissistic wound that is at stake. Sometimes the chances are that one is looking for recognition. In this case, becoming famous is part of a repair process. Social norms are based on appearance instead of being able. Potential also has its role to play. However, confusion between the public and private image lurks the star, resulting in the loss of his identity. One may lurk at the risk of getting lost.

Bringing Talent to Work

The success story of Jermaine Melvin, popularly known as Platinum J, is one of a kind. It holds inspiration for many of those who are struggling to find a way out to reach their dreams. He has set an example for others that when life has to offer lemons, one has to prepare for lemonade that can be served to all. In the times when hip hop was not much appreciated, he took up the responsibility of making ways out. Melvin is an African-American artist who started to have a recognition in 2009 as a winner of Baltimore’s Got Talent’09.

Platinum J got his name from the platform of Baltimore’s Got Talent’09. In Nuremberg, he was born Jermaine Melvin on July 31, 1985, in the second-largest city in Germany. He spent two years of his childhood there. He belonged to a military family, and they later moved to the United States. He was brought to the States because of fortune.

Jermaine (Courtesy photo)

A military family living in Washington had to face some changes in their lifestyle. It was the time when things were taking a turn in his life. He got introduced to a new world different from his hometown. He got introduced to karate at the age of 8. He wished to get practical training in Karate, and this suddenly reflected his physical ability in him. He turned his interest towards hip hop.

From children as young as eight years to adults as old as 50, hip-hop enthusiasts of all ages come to this well-known hip dancer and choreographer who understands the beauty of this dance form. Platinum J has been a trainer, instructor, and choreographer for people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. He has been a mentor for the age group of 8 to 50 in hip hop and dance. He holds a major in computer tech from a performing arts school Harford Technical High School. Jermaine has been associated with many dance clubs for his exceptional skills and expertise, including Harford Dance Center, SuperNova Dance Company, and Cecil Dance Company.

People have faith in his talent and abilities. He also helped many to discover this unique talent and helped them grow in the field of their interest. That too at the age of 35 years when many are still struggling to find the right career path for themselves. Since he won at Baltimore’s Got Talent in the category of 18 and above. It was an early start on his successful career. He takes his inspiration from Michael Jackson, and yet there are many who he inspires. He has a great spirit to make people stand out in their career perspectives. He is currently working with Raised the Barre, another studio that has given him a platform to showcase his talent. He is visionary about providing success to others as for him seeing others grow a work of great achievement and is only possible with true spirits, pure intentions, hard work, and lots of faith.

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