Staple Items to add to your Winter Wardrobe

Winter is upon us, and with all the hot cider, twinkle lights, chestnuts roasting, and fruitcake eating, also comes the chilly days and nights that will last for a few months (depending on where in the world you live). For some people, they store all their winter clothes away while they enjoy their summer, preferring not to remember the cracked winter skin and rosy cheeks that come with a particularly harsh season. This is also a great move for someone who just simply doesn’t have enough closet space to fit in all four seasons.

If you have the closet space, and you’re mourning your goodbye to summer and fall, and all the sharp outfits that came with them, wondering how you can make your winter look work without looking like an abominable snowman, slow down a bit. There are a few items you can add to your closet that will help you to continue looking fashion-forward and keep warm. You’ll have to get a little creative. The good news is you won’t have to be giving up too much closet space either. Before you settle in to the same old December, January, and February outfits, consider adding a few updated looks. Here are some staple items that can get you started.

1. Chunky sweaters (in vibrant colors!)

Don’t underestimate the power of the sweater! A good sweater can last you several seasons and can even get you several compliments (though the warmth of your body probably counts for more than the warmth of your ego). In the winter, we grow used to the neutral color scheme, which is always in style, but doesn’t keep us on our toes as much as a bright color will. In fact, many people save all of their bright colors for the warmer months, when they fit better into the landscape. However, a way to update your winter wardrobe easily is to add a couple of bright or at least colorful sweaters. These might also work to keep away the seasonal blues that come with the colder months. If you look brighter, you might feel brighter! Consider adding chunky, warm knits that come in red, yellow, green (or mint), baby blue, or pink! The color scheme is up to you. Make sure you’re warm first, but wool or cotton knits that are brightly colored or patterned might put a little more spring in your booted step. Just don’t trip on the black ice.

2. Warm, elegant scarves

Surely, one of the best fashion accessories of all is the scarf. Scarves have had their own evolution in the fashion world, and now, we have access to all different shapes, sizes, and models to choose from. While there are plenty of light scarves that can be worn during the warmer months, scarves are mostly used in the winter, and not only can they be a beautiful addition to the outfit, but they can also keep you extra warm! Scarves are also extremely versatile, perhaps the most versatile of all accessories, and especially of the winter accessories. For example, depending on how you want your scarf worn, it can be done! Some scarves, like the infinity scarf, can only be looped around the neck one or two times, but a traditionally designed scarf can be tied in a multitude of ways. This way, your scarf can have many different looks, just like you can. In the wintertime, you’ll want to go for a scarf that’s both soft and warm. From our perspective, the bigger, the better! That way, your scarf can be even more versatile. For bonus wardrobe points, a patterned scarf can really make you stand out. Try a plaid, striped, or another simple pattern to update a classic look. Nowadays, there are even reversible scarves that can save you even more closet space. Let your scarf do the work for a standout winter outfit.

3. Long, classic coats

Perhaps the most important item in the winter wardrobe is the winter coat. Whether you’re more into a down jacket, something sleek and waterproof, a traditional peacoat, or something totally warm and original, the winter coat is one of the items you’ll have to wear again and again in the colder months. This means you better love it. You probably already have your staple winter coat, but if you’re due for a new one, or if you’re trying to treat yourself, devil may care about the closet space, then now’s your chance to break one in. Maybe you already have a sensible coat that gets the job done. That is, you’re warm, it works, and it’s easy to put on before you walk out the door. For the fancier events you might attend this holiday season, but more so, just for the sake of fashion, you’ll want a classic coat you can keep for years to come. For items like this, you’ll want to spend a little more money. Buying a warm and gorgeous neutral coat, preferably full-length, will be your best bet. Look for coats in cashmere, wool, or the like to get the best value for your money. A good coat will ensure you’re always walking out the door looking good this winter.

4. Don’t forget about the kids!

If you find yourself fully prepared for winter and feeling fashion-forward, then you’ll want to start on your kids’ clothes. Usually, you’re probably picking out your kids’ clothes before picking out your own. This winter, you’ll want to make sure they look just as fashionable as you. You’ll also want them to be just as warm. There are plenty of baby girl outfits for sale that will be perfect for winter. What you’ll want to make sure you have for your little one is a warm, comfortable, and versatile coat. When picking out a new coat for your child, you want one they won’t fuss about putting on, and that will be pretty durable that can withstand several afternoons of building snowmen.