Sliding Door Wardrobe Buying Guide

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Having a wardrobe to store your laundry neatly and keep it organized well, your wardrobe can be what makes or breaks the style, as well as maintaining the way your room looks. That being said, one convenient way to get your closet space perfectly in one place is to use a sliding door wardrobe. With numerous styles to choose from though, you may think that choosing the right sliding door wardrobe is painstaking, but it doesn’t have to be. The good thing is that having a variety of choice means you can pick and choose more options for your wardrobe.

Using Modern vs. Vintage

When you think about the older styles, these are called “armoires” and were large pieces of furniture that did have a lot of compartments. Many people love these when it comes to decorating your room with a vintage look. However, today the modern armoires have more issues than the older ones, like drawers slipping, and more. Therefore, you can use the sliding door wardrobes that are more contemporary in order to give you more efficiency and durability.

What Kinds of Wood are the Best?

Materials don’t have to be made of wood, but in general, there are a lot of styles to choose from, and there are a lot that have a variety of materials, but most wardrobes include wood. Therefore, it’s important that you not only choose the finish that is right to compliment your room, but that you also get the material that works for what you need it for.

Various hardwoods have different benefits, and others can be painted or finished easier as well. You may want to use Beech for being a bold look, walnut for a dark hardwood finish of brown, cherry (which gives you the same kind of dark brown with red overtones), and mahogany, which is pretty similar to cherry. If it’s not a wood look that you’re wanting, you may want to use a more contemporary style that will match your room regardless.

How to Choose and Buy

One thing you can do is buy a sliding door wardrobe that matches, or even clashes to complement your bedroom look and feel. You can buy things like wardrobes that have double mirrors on the front to enhance the look of your room and help to maximize space with the optical illusion that mirrors can do for your room’s look, or you can buy those that have the mirrors inside to keep things more contained.

Buy the Right Size

You can also make sure that you don’t get a wardrobe that is too big for what you need, but at the same time, get one large enough so that you have a little bit of room for extra. If you buy one too large, then you’ll have a lot of empty space on the inside, and probably a lot less space in your room. Find an equal balance.


Finding the right sliding door wardrobe (or a Schwebetürenschrank as the Germans call it) can greatly enhance not only your room, but also your ability to have a neat space for hanging clothes rather than using your standard walk-in closet (some people with large walk-ins still use sliding door wardrobes both inside and outside of them). It also looks great, and can help completely complement y our room and keep everything more organized with just a little extra time of yours per day.

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