Six Flags SteamTown: Hot Fun in the Summer

On Thursday 6/20/2024 I attended the Six Flags America media preview of their new steampunk-themed area, SteamTown. The heat was brutal, but I did get to ride SkyWinder (Mind Eraser with new trains and a refreshed track); watch the new ride SteamWhirler run; and explore this surprisingly immersive section of the park.

Six Flags is about an hour south of Baltimore, and has long been my “home” amusement park. I came away from the preview impressed with the thought, care, and financial investment that was put into this innovative refresh.

To explain more about the new attraction, here is the press release Six Flags sent along:

Six Flags America has announced that the newly transformed steampunk realm, SteamTown: Where the Past Meets the Future, will open to guests beginning Saturday, June 22. Guests are invited by Professor Screamore to an immersive new land with the rich history of a western town, but riveting upgrades only the Professor himself could dream up. These enhancements are part of Six Flags America’s multiyear investment in new guest experiences and park improvements, including the recently opened RipQurl Blaster water coaster.

“SteamTown is part of our team’s ambitious, multiyear plan to invest in our guest experience and park improvements,” said Six Flags America General Manager, Ramar Vaughan. “We are thrilled with our collaboration with Professor Screamore and excited to share our most detailed park realm to date.”

The town of Coyote Creek was purchased in secrecy by Professor Screamore. After many years in the making, the Professor is finally ready to share his creations with the world. Guests are now invited to SteamTown to revel in the odysseys, feel the force of evolution and twist their minds in the unexpected.

Guests will learn to fly on Professor Screamore’s SkyWinder. With the innovation of flight, roller coaster riders queue in an immersively themed station and board two brand new trains with upgraded, state of the art restraints. Once at the top, guests will fly at speeds of 50 miles per hour with a smoother ride experience than ever before.

At the center of his town, the Professor’s winning invention, the all-new SteamWhirler, sends riders orbiting with four rotating arms that are synchronized by a central gearing system. Each rotation will provide a pop of airtime that will float guests out of their seats.

Travel back in time on a prehistoric adventure on QuantumCanyon Rapids. After years of research, the Professor has pioneered the art of time travel and guests will be transported back more than 200 million years on rafts for a white water tour. While seeing wildlife is never a guarantee, guests are encouraged to hold on and keep their arms close as there are many, many teeth.

Feel the power of modern technology as the Professor harnesses electricity for ElectroDerby. Guests will power up on these state-of-the-art buggies as they propel around the ring, bumping and dodging other riders.

A throwback to western fare with a modern twist is the heart of Fillament’s SteamPub. As the center of the town’s social scene, Fillment’s has the charm of a traditional saloon with a swirl of the Professor’s innovative spirit.

Meet the Professor himself in the epic telling of SteamTown through SteamHeist. This stunt show spectacular will dazzle fans with the bravery, tenacity and just a bit of quirkiness of Professor Screamore and the journey he took to develop SteamTown.

The town has come alive with local traders, bringing flavors and oddities for all to enjoy. Clockwork Confection Co. has an abundance of sweet treats and tantalizing fudge to satisfy any sweet tooth. Looking for something strange? Go no further than Looking Glass Creations.

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About Six Flags America

Six Flags America is home to a host of thrilling rides, shows and attractions, including nine heart-pounding roller coasters, a special section just for kids and rides for the whole family. Hurricane Harbor Maryland water park features a variety of water slides, a lazy river, three kid’s areas and an 800,000-gallon wave pool. Six Flags America and Hurricane Harbor are recognized by IBCCES as a Certified Autism Center™.

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