Shopping How-Tos in Getting a New Mattress in 2021

Photo by SHOP SLO® on Unsplash

The question in mattress shopping that seems to be a bit hard to answer is, how do you get the right size, type, and best one for your lifestyle? It’s already 2021, and various brands have released many models that they claim to be better. But do not be overwhelmed; it does not mean when they say something is better, it’s already the best for all sleeping positions. Mattresses are different in one way or another and are designed for various purposes.

If you still have questions about mattress shopping running through your mind, reading down below may help enlighten you. Mentioned here below are some shopping how-tos to guide you in getting the right one:

Read About the Different Mattress Types

Mattresses have different types. There are ones made with coils like innerspring mattresses, ones designed to offer a softer feeling like memory foam, and so many more. To help you learn about the various mattress types, read below.

Spring Mattresses

This type of mattress is a great choice for people who have a stomach or back sleeping style. Usually, these sleepers experience lower back pain if they do not have the right kind of mattress. Thus, a spring mattress could help the right body support that heavy individuals, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers need.

Bed in a Box Mattresses

Bed in a box mattresses are different from other mattresses because of the compression process these mattresses go through. They are compressed then rolled into a box instead of being delivered to buyers in a flat form. Rolling it out will bring it back to its original form, and it has been one great hand for people who struggle to transport their mattresses. You can be sure that you’ll get the best mattress 2021 has to offer when getting beds in a box.

Choose One That Matches Your Sleeping Style

It is possible to have a good and full night’s sleep if you have a mattress that could accommodate your sleeping style. People find various sleeping styles comfortable, like back sleeping, side sleeping, in the fetal position, or even sleeping on the stomach.

It is recommended that back sleepers get memory foam since this mattress is made to provide adequate support and the right level of firmness. Memory foam mattresses are said to be one of the healthiest options for people who like sleeping on their back as it helps in the alignment of the neck, spine, and head to be in a good position.


On the contrary, it is expected that most of the pressure when they sleep is on one side of the body for side sleepers. With this, they would need a softer mattress that could help relieve pressure on the shoulder and the hips. In this way, it could lessen the instances of tossing and turning overnight.

Gather Reliable Opinions

Getting factual and reliable opinions could greatly help you know which mattress is the right one. You can read online reviews and other comments about a product and see if you also have the same sentiments as the previous buyers. In this sense, you could prevent committing the same mistake of buying a less-worth item and finding a better one.

Also, take note to get opinions from people who share the same sleep style with you. A mattress that may work for a back sleeper may not work best for a side sleeper. Remember that it is you who will be using the mattress, so prioritize your preferences.

If searching online for product reviews seems to be a hassle for you, you can turn to the traditional way of knowing more about a product- through asking in person. Do not be shy to ask previous buyers if you know someone about how their mattresses helped them and if they recommend them. Chances are they already know if the mattress’ claims are effective and if they are worth the penny.

Compare and Contrast Effectively

Okay, so you may already be in the showroom trying to check the mattresses, and a very attractive mattress caught your attention and makes you want to buy it in an instant; the best thing to do here is, don’t be impulsive! Surely, there are a lot of nice mattresses you could see in various shopping malls. But, you have to be able to weigh your options carefully before buying.

An attractive mattress does not mean you already have a good mattress. The covering design may be appealing, but you must also check its firmness level. Also, you could use the elimination method. Rank all your preferred mattresses, then eliminate some types in your top list of mattresses that are not good for you to sleep on. Ultimately, consider the amount you are willing to pay. Not all items priced expensively will be comfortable for you to lie on.

Know the Materials Used

Every mattress type is designed using different materials. Some mattresses are designed with eco-friendly materials like latex mattresses. The materials usually used in this type of mattress are organic cotton, wool, and latex, all environmentally friendly. Getting to know the materials could also help you decide what will work best for your needs.


When you go mattress shopping, probably your old mattress does not serve its purpose anymore. No mattress is good for a lifetime, but many brands offer ones that could last for long years, but unfortunately, some don’t. Reading the tips above could help you shop better in getting a new mattress.