What is the shelf life of a lemon?

Since my most recent blog, I have had a few readers ask me, ‘Christy your lemonade story was great I hope there is a continuation to it.’ I seldom will continue a blog or story, however I do plan on continuing the most recent blog just to share with my readers how my dating experience is going since I have divorced.

limesDating after a divorce and in your 40’s is an experience I never would have imagine it would happen to me, but life is life, you play the cards that are dealt to you…you either win or lose, its your choice.

However one may wonder how could I talk about my dating experience in a blog, something that is so personal & sacred and then share to the world with laughter about it; well I figure no one is perfect and if sex, gossip, and reality TV sales well then I have nothing to lose when it comes to my dating experience, I’m not selling it, I’m just finding humor and life lessons in it.

As I stated in my previous blog, in order to perfect my lemonade I have to have the right lemon(s), right amount of sugar, and water at the correct sunlight temperature in order to conquer that goal. Two things I have realized when making that ultimate lemonade; lemons should always marinate in water for a while no need to rush in making it if you want it to be perfect, and that lemons have a shelf life. Who knew lemons had a shelf life? I had no clue until I caught myself intertwined with a lemon whose shelf life had expired.

Dining for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory located in Columbia Maryland, I came across this one lemon who had mask himself as having a debonair image, the complexion was smooth and vibrant with perfect pits, very well put together might I add. It wasn’t until I seen what was really inside of this lemon that brought everything to a discouraging halt.

Let me just say this, the carpel section which is the inside of the lemon is filled with juice and is suppose to be juicy, however in my case the lemon was dry. Yes, the lemon I thought was perfect for the lemonade had portrayed his image as perfect, only for me to realize his shelf life had expired.

My girlfriends would say, ‘Christy if this lemon is the product of 4 failed lemonade recipes only to produce 4 limes, then there’s your red flag.’ I tried to make it work with this lemon by microwaving and rolling it on the countertop to produce more juice, but to no avail, which lead me to put my lemonade recipe on hold for a while and drink water.

Many wonder why I equate my dating experience to lemonade, and the guys in it as the lemons. I’m not doing this because of the Beyonce album, but because in life when were are given many lemons it’s only right to make lemonade or become an alcoholic, I prefer to make lemonade.

The guys I have dated are lemons they are all different in their own right, there’s are a variety types of lemons however some of the lemons have been good, bad, ripe, old, and some just bitter therefore, for me the lemonade hasn’t been right, there has always been something missing.

Going back to the original question, ‘What is the shelf life of a lemon? This question depends on many factors however I have researched and found that if picked from a tree or bought in a grocery store, if the lemons have discoloration, soft spots on them, hard, there’s a good chance mold/spoilage and aging is occurring, and the shelf life has expired.