Sex, only three times a week?

Not happening, right? Or maybe it did when you first dated and then slowed down to three times a week or even worse, month. OK, to be honest, you say you want it but something else always comes up. To be truthful, you’d be happy with at least once a day, or more on weekends if you can swing it.

Believe it or not, she’d like that too. It’s our nature; our bodies were made for each other. Sex relaxes us both and takes the stress away. It’s good for us, not to mention that it feels good. Men just need to look at women and feel passion, but women need a bit more.

We women can’t turn off our thoughts and worries: work, kids, laundry, dinner and so on. Men can lie down and be snoring in 30 seconds. Women lie awake most of the night just thinking of stuff. So let’s turn her thoughts to you and what she wants to do to you, not what you want to do to her.

Don’t you just love a challenge? Remember dating when you loved the chase? You know how she says something needs to be fixed because it won’t work and you love to figure out why and how good it feels when you make it work? I am not saying your woman needs to be fixed, she’s normal, that was an example to show that it can be fun enticing her.

Photo provided by author
Photo provided by author

Let’s look at it this way. Foreplay isn’t just the first five or more minutes of sex. Women love to be loved and feel loved. It’s corny but true. Men like to show their love by going to work every day to support their family, protecting them and seeing to their comfort. That is the best feeling in the world and importantly, it gets us through the day and our lives, but it just doesn’t make women think of sex.

It all comes down to affection and intimacy. I know that there are some men that just aren’t interested, but you are looking at it all wrong. Talk to the men that do express their affection and are intimate, and I can guarantee they have better sex lives. Look at romance novels. Most are written by women for women or smart men. They aren’t full of crap, they are full of foreplay. This is it, you can do it. You’ll love the results.

Women look beautiful and confident but you need to tell your beautiful woman that you think she is pretty, cute or even beautiful if that’s what you think. Appreciate her when she walks by — touch her, and tell her when she does that it turns you on. Kiss her neck or shoulders; rub her back with your warm hands when you hug. Snuggle her often and hold her hand.

Look, it doesn’t have to be 24 hours a day, most women like it subtle. The more foreplay during the day might mean less actual foreplay during sex because she’ll be ready for you.

Experiment, see what works for you. There is no instruction manual and you don’t have to ask for directions, just figure out what works for you and do it. Happy sex to you!

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  • January 18, 2014 at 10:34 PM

    Great article! So true! Listen up men….are you taking notes?

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